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Apr 8, 2008 11:53 PM

candied lemon peel in orange county?

Hi! I'm new to chowhound! Soo exciting! I wanted to see if anyone knew where to buy good candied lemon peel around orange county?? I've tried whole foods, trader joes with no a loss of where else to go...and i'd prefer not to make it if i don't have to. I plan to try it in a cookie recipe! Any suggestions?

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  1. Hi, Try Bristol Farms Market, if they have one in your area. I would simply order it through a mail-order if you don't want to make it. The King Aurther Flour Company has this & many other items in their catalogue that are great additions to cakes/cookies. Good luck! -JET

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      Thank you! I'll Try Bristol Farms. I live close to one but never really shop there. Really appreciate your suggestion!

      1. re: mycreampuffy

        I tried Bristol Farms with no luck...ok this is my last try..sorry to bring it up again, but can anybody else help with any other suggestions where they've actually purchased candied lemon peel in person? (not via internet). thanks!!! :)

        1. re: mycreampuffy

          Are they covered with chocolate? If so, Leonidas should have them. I know they have the orange peels.