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Apr 8, 2008 11:38 PM

Reception luncheon in LA/OC (sans wedding)

My fiance and I just got engaged and are probably going to elope, but we want to celebrate with a luncheon for family and friends upon our return. We are hoping to have a luncheon on a Sunday afternoon at a restaurant -- preferably one with a nice atmosphere and/or view and good food. Does anyone have good suggestions for restaurants that can accommodate between 150 - 180 guests? Because we are dispensing with the whole ceremony we would rather have our party at a restaurant versus a banquet room.

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  1. I'm thinking something along the coast would be nice, but aside from a hotel, I doubt that many restaurants would consider shutting down for lunch. But perhaps....

    I would inquire at:

    Balboa Bay Club, Newport Beach
    Rusty Pelican Restaurant, Newport Beach
    The Cannery, Newport Beach
    Surf and Sands Hotel, Laguna Beach, top floor/rooftop room

    All have terrific views and reasonably good food.

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      Esp on a sunday few restaurants are willing to close for sunday brunch. Now if OP would settle for a late lunch (after 2:00), then I am sure restaurants would be interested.

      1. re: PeterL

        Many restaurants are willing to close for lunch on a weekend, IF you are willing to pay at least $15,000 in advance. For example, Cannons in Dana Point.

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          Thanks all! These look like great suggestions.

    2. Ca del Sole in North Hollywood has a beautiful private room that opens up onto a private patio with a fountain. I had my 40th there and it was very special.