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Apr 8, 2008 11:25 PM

I need a new San Francisco Taqueria

So, I've been in Santa Cruz a bunch lately and I really like some of the Taqueria's down there. They are all really clean but still authentic and the meat is relatively high quality. Carnitas seem to be a thing down there as most of the places do a good version.

So, here it is, I'm tired of all the places I have frequented over the years here in SF. Many of them just seem dirty to me, and/or the meat is low quality. I'm looking for something new, I am favoring tacos these days, and burritos only when I am really hungry.

-Pancho Villa, El Farolito, Cancun, Le Cumbre, Papalote, San Jose, I've tried all of these and I'm looking for something different.

Any ideas?

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  1. I have been to all of the taqurias you mentioned and all are basically the same...pretty average.

    Have you tried Nicks Crispy tacos on Polk St? It is supposed to be very good.

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    1. re: luckygrlllll

      Nick's is okay...but WAY over priced for what you get. $4-5 for a smallest taco isn't right. They do use quality meat however. Avoid the fish tacos.

      Maya Restaurant (Maya Next Door, served only at lunch, until 2 p.m.) serves up great tacos and burritos and for about $6 bucks you get three tacos.

      Not in SF but you might check out Tacubaya in Berkeley. I'm not a huge fan but they use quality meat and the place is clean.

    2. Try the $1.50 tacos at Taqueria Vallarta on 24th, near EF and TSJ.

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        I agree w/ the Taqueria Vallarta suggestion. Currently this is my favorite place to get tacos.

        A friend of mine just tried Taqueria San Francisco for the first time and proclaimed that she had the best veggie burrito of her life - they put in an entire avocado I guess. I also like the chorizo burritos there, but I haven't had too many of their tacos.

      2. Try the El Tonayense trucks on Harrison. Good al pastor and carne asada.

        1. Personally, I'm comfortable with the places you mentioned, but you might try La Taqueria, which seems to be a Gringo "A" list kind of place (which is not to say it isn't authentic).

          1. Have you tried the tacos al pastor at San Jose? Their carnitas are nothing special but the al pastor is great.

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            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              I'll second that. They carve it off the spit in front of you, and the joint is certainly spiffy enough for my standards, at least.