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Jun 27, 2002 01:30 PM

barbara's at the brewery

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has anyone eaten there lately and how is the food?

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  1. Haven't eaten there, though I have been to the Brewery. I heard it's mostly a bar now. Maybe someone else knows more. The Brewry has a website, I believe. I still prefer to go to Phillipe's or Girabaldi's, if you want really great Mexican. It's on First (I think) just east of the 5 fwy.

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      I ate there about a year ago and the restaurant was nice. There is limited seating but we went on a weeknight so no waiting. Usually a wait on the weekends. All of the dishes were very good. Nice "artsy" atmosphere and everyone in the party enjoyed their dishes. Would go back but don't like to wait for a table.

    2. Went there for lunch about six months ago and it was almost entirely a "bar" -- only food was a few items listed on a blackboard. We left. Used to be a really nice place with a real menu but seems to have forsaken its food customers.