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Apr 8, 2008 10:56 PM

Restaurants near Nats Stadium?

No way am I going to stand in line to pay $20 for a cold hot dog and a warm beer so the owner can pay a .220 hitter $2M.
Any recommended restaurants near metro?

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  1. There is a Five Guys near the Navy Yard metro. I'll be hitting it before the game on Thursday.

    Washington, DC
    Location: Navy Yard/ Federal Gateway
    1100 New Jersey Ave, SE, Washington, DC 20003
    tel. 202-863-0570
    fax (202) 863-0571

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    1. re: malveaux

      There's also a 5 Guys inside the stadium itself...though I'm sure the outside version is undoubtedly cheaper!

    2. Levi's Port Cafe is not far away.

      1. I'm going to the game Friday night with my brother (I'm flying in from Boston). I can't believe there are only two places near the stadium! That's it Hounds?

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        1. re: kate used to be 50

          Check out any of the listings for places in Chinatown/Penn Quarter or even U Street area (though it's a further)... they are all on the same Metro line, and only a few stops away. The stadium was not placed in an already built-up area, and not much has come in near-by since it just opened....

          1. re: food.fiend

            Well, if you don't believe people that you need to eat before arriving at the stadium metro stop, why don't you go there early and spend some time wandering the neighborhood looking for eats! Please report back the results...

            1. re: Jason1

              Would love to explore, but my plane doesn't arrive until 5:30PM (Dulles) so it is going to be a scramble just to get there from VA. Was thinking dining maybe after the game (nibbles and cocktails) while waiting for traffic to subside. Much to my chagrin, brother doesn't do public transportation.

              1. re: kate used to be 50

                In that case, I would head to somewhere in Capitol Hill, which is maybe a 5-10 minute drive and the closest area to the Stadium by car (just on a different Metro line you would have had to transfer to)... maybe Sonoma, Montmartre, or Locanda...If you seach the board for those, you should see some good reccs... Chinatown/Penn Quarter still wouldn't be too far either...

          2. re: kate used to be 50

            I know its suprising, but there really isn't much near the Stadium -- there is a UHaul rental place right there that I've used that was/is directly by the stadium and I don't remember seeing anything at all near by. RFK also had very very little near by. Look at google maps -- you'll see that the new Stadium is off on the edge.

            1. re: kate used to be 50

              There is no formal sitdown dining near the Navy Yard Metro. Starbucks, Subway, Five Guys, a McDonalds and Wendy's down South Capitol Street, that's it. Until recently, the area was an industrial wasteland dotted with housing projects. You will have to either go to Capitol South or Eastern Market for anything non-fastfood near Metro. Levi's is on 8th and there are other places on "Barracks Row" but it's an 8 block walk.

            2. Option 1) there are lots of places in the Stadium: 5 Guys, Ben's Chili. Definitely lots more choices than RFK. The new stadium is neat so might be good to just go early and explore.
              Option 2) the Navy Yard Metro stop is RIGHT THERE. So really you can park and eat near ANY Metro stop in the subway system, then just take the Metro to the game! MUCH easier than trying to park near the stadium anyway.
              have fun

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              1. re: b1207

                Thank you all and go Nats! (though I will be wearing my Red Sox hat!!)

                1. re: kate used to be 50

                  Don't worry about it Kate...I wear my Sox hat to Nats games as well. Don't want the boys back home to think I've desserted them. ;)

                  Btw, from what I hear and read the food at the new stadium is a lot better then that at Fenway (although a Fenway frank and some chowder always hit the spot for me). So you might just want to check out a delicious burger from 5 Guys.

                  1. re: Elyssa

                    So how do you like my hometown?

                    Fenway food has "improved" though that is a stretch. They are now serving wine to the field box and club seat sections and "different" beers (read Heiny)

                    1. re: kate used to be 50

                      Is Boston your hometown or DC?

                      Also on Barracks Row/Eastern Market there are a bunch of options. Locanda or Montmartre for moderate priced higher end, Old Siam for good Thai, Fusion Grill for Asian (actually ate lunch there for the first time, instead of take out, and it was pretty good for what it is), Marty's or Finn McCools for outdoor seating and pub food and Ugly Mug for good mini burgers but slightly annoying table service (sit at the bar if you can).

                      Or you can grab some food at Marvelous Market or the actual Eastern Market and have a picnic or take it into the stadium.

                      1. re: Elyssa

                        Born and bred in DC. Adult life in Boston.

                        Thanks for the recs. I love Eastern Market, so maybe we'll venture there.

                        1. re: kate used to be 50

                          For low-end Eastern Market, Tortilla Cafe has great tamales, pupusas, burritos, and a $7.50 fajita salad that's enough for two. It's run by the family that owns Canales Meats in the market. Nice little place for a quick sitdown meal.

                        2. re: Elyssa

                          she'll be way too late for the market itself. Cafe 8 looks interesting, casual Turkish pides and mezze. has anyone tried it yet?

                2. Easy. But stop thinking Metro.
                  The new N22 bus line has broadened your pre- and post-game food choices!!!!
                  You can try a wide range of restaurants on Barracks Row, at Eastern Market, and along PA Ave.
                  Hop the bus along Pennsylvania Ave at 3rd or the Eastern Market Metro Stop, and get off at the Navy Yard Metro Station. The fare is $1.25. About a 15 minute ride.

                  It's also close enough to walk as many Capitol Hill residents have been doing. About a mile or so to the Stadium from Sonoma, Hawk and Dove, Bullfeathers, etc.

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                  1. re: MakingSense

                    Would anyone recommend Cantina Marina on the SW waterfront? That's just a short hop down M Street.

                    1. re: bordeauxfan

                      Cantina Marina is on Water, close to a Metro stop, and roughly at 6th St, SW. The Ballpark is just on the other side of South Capitol Street into SE so that's a do-able walk.
                      Good bar food. Beer and beach drinks. Not a lot different than ballpark eats.

                      The best deal of all is still the free Bike Valet service at the Ballpark. Just cruise up and they take your bike and store it inside for you, right at the entrance to the park. Closer than anyone can get with a car - except for the players and the Lerner family.
                      Probably because there are a couple of city officials who are big bike riders, including Ward 6 Councilman Tommy Wells and Director of the Office of Planning Harriet Tregoning, both current or former Capitol Hill residents.