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Apr 8, 2008 10:41 PM

My 19 year old is fresh out of bootcamp

And likely wants some non-military food. DW, DDs and I are coming to Chicago from Washington for son's Navy bootcamp graduation. Where should we eat in Chicago and the area near Great Lakes Naval Base for a Chicago experiance? In particular, son is a pizza freak, I doubt he was fed pizza in bootcamp and I seem to recall Chicago being known for its "Chicago style pizza." Any recomendations for pizza, and steak/meat type carnivore places appropriate for family with teens? Anything we shouldn't miss? We will have a few hours after graduation on Friday, April 18 and likely all day on Saturday April 19, and we will have a car. Thanks Chicago Hounds.

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  1. Hey, thank your son for all he has and is about to do! You should definately try "The Silo" in Lake Bluff. You will have to look it up but it is not far from the base and has fabulous "Chicago Style" pizza

    1. It always struck me as odd that one of Chicago's iconic foods - deep dish pizza - is niether available on every street corner nor often found/best done at independent, non-chain restaurants, as is the case with, say, italian beef sandwiches, or Tex-Mex food & barbecue (for examples in other areas of the country). No, here for deep dish pizza you pretty much have to go to a chain; I prefer Malnati's, others like Gino's, the original Pizzeria Uno (& Due) are downtown but of course they spawned a national chain, and there's also a semi-national chain called Rosati's (had their pizza 7-8 years ago when I lived in Dallas and was homesick for deep dish pizza - it satisfied, but without a more recent and local frame of reference I can't recommend it).

      I think the nearest sit-down Lou Malnati's to GLNTC is in Evanston.
      1850 Sherman Avenue
      Evanston, IL 60201
      Phone 847.328.5400
      There's a Gino's East in Deerfield:
      1445 Lake Cook Rd
      Deerfield, IL 60015
      Tel: 847/945-4300

      I'm not passionate about one over the other; they'll both serve you up a deep dish pizza that, if you've never had one before, will be a new and fun and filling experience.

      I'm not a North Shore resident so I'll have to let others come up with more specific recs for you. Enjoy your visit and congratulations on your son's achievement!

      1. The posters who live up that way (not me) will surely have some specific suggestions, but here is a link to an older thread on restaurants in the Deerfield area, south of the base, including some carnivore type places:

        Before heading down to Chicago or Deerfield, you should know that I-94, the Edens Expressway, is undergoing major construction. If it's at all like the construction last fall, the traffic jams will be brutal. (Taking US 41 as much as possible will be better.


        But if you do go to downtown Chicago, maybe Fogo de Chao would be a festive spot for a carnivore. Unlimited servings of meat... (note that on weekends there is no lunch service there)

        Congratulations to your son, and I hope you all have a wonderful visit.

        Fogo De Chao
        661 N Lasalle St, Chicago, IL

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        1. re: Amata

          Amata took the words out of my mouth. If you go to Fogo de Chao (or Brazazz, which is similar) go for lunch rather than dinner as it costs half as much, about $30 vs about $60 (and Brazazz often runs a lunch special for $19). Both have websites with address, pictures, and details. In both you get the salad bar of your dreams and then an endless parade of waiters comes to your table bearing a dozen cuts of meat from which they carve onto your plate, forever, until you beg them to stop. Other dishes are brought to the table. It's definitely a carnivore's adventure.

        2. There are two popular styles of Chicago style deep-dish pizza. One is the single-crust "pan" pizza served at Lou Malnati's, Gino's East, and Pizano's. The other is the double-crust "stuffed" pizza served at Giordano's, Bacino's, and Edwardo's. These are the best places for pizza in the Chicago area, IMNSHO.

          For the locations nearest to Great Lakes, Lou Malnati's has a carryout-only location in Libertyville; for the nearest sit-down Malnati's, Buffalo Grove may be closer than Evanston. Giordano's has a location in Gurnee.

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          1. re: nsxtasy

            Take my word for it The Silo is close by the base and is fabulous! Talk to anyone who lives on the base. These other people are talking about places that are quite a drive from where you will be on Friday. Do your driving on Sat. Driving anywhere on Fri in Chicago is pure insanity!

          2. On Saturday you could take the Metra to downtown Chicago. from there you have a lot more options.