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Apr 8, 2008 10:40 PM

Tiny North End Spot

A couple years ago I remember visiting a small Italian restaurant in the North End. I remember delicious fresh pastas, good wine, a tiny space(possibly open kitchen) and a black interior (the walls were black, it was a dark room). It was right on a North End cobblestone road, with not much besides street parking around (typical North End). I think it was in the same neighborhood as the Paul Revere house tourist attraction. Small little spot, could've easily been family (or mob) run, that sort of feel.

Anyway, great meal, and completely forget the name of the restaurant. Help!

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  1. Most likely "Carmen" on North Ave, cobblestoned, right next to the Paul Revere House and next to Limoncello. Small, dark interior. Run by a great couple.

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    1. re: Food4Thought

      Could have been Sage before it moved?

      1. re: raddoc

        Dom's is (was) on a little alley-like street and was small, but not exactly near Paul Revere's house. And it's closed now.

        1. re: raddoc

          Sage was tiny, but not dark. And no cobblestones.

        1. Another vote for Carmen -- it has to be this place! Dark interior, cobblestone road, right near Paul Revere, and great pasta and wine. Have not yet had better in the North End.

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            as a north ender and a rider of bikes with very small wheels, I'm fairly certain that right there around Carmen at North Square is the only vehicle-legal road in the north end surfaced with anything but asphalt. And even of pedestrian ways Greenough Lane is the only other thing I can think of, and no restaurants back there, at least not in this generation. Of course its late, so maybe I'm forgetting one, but put me down with the Carmen group

          2. Thanks all. Going to head down there tomorrow night, I'm sure it'll be great whether or not its the spot I remember.

            1. If it was near paul Revere house it is most likely Carmen on North Street although they do not have open kitchen.