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Apr 8, 2008 09:02 PM

Any good & inexpensive Bubble tea place suggestions?

Hey there,

Does anyone have any good suggestions of decent Bubbletea places?
Scarborough, Markham, and Richmond hill have many places, but most are quite expensive.

Please post


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  1. This is not meant as sarcastic, but what is the definition of "good" bubble tea? Isn't bubble tea just glorified sugar water? And how expensive is it?

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      You should go up to Highway 7 and Bayview to the Ten Ren Restaurant and see if you can't taste the difference.they use fresh ingredients.. when I ordered a taro slush, it wasn't purple like all the other places it was the actual colour. [Note: Their other stores don't serve this kind of taro slush.. I imagine this one is a higher quality Ten Ren than the others out there because their menu is also different.. and it's not just their taro slush.. their other drinks are also made with fresh fruit (or it certainly seemed like it).. but the taro was most memorable for me] . There are some awful, awful bubble tea places out there that are indeed just sugar water and powder.. but there is a difference between good and bad..

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        Interesting. What does a fresh bubble tea cost?

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          Are you saying that they use real taro to make taro slush? I agree whoever use real fruit to make bubbles tea is the winner. Another thing to seperate winner and loser is the texture and taste of tapioca. If you are looking for decent places without paying too much, I would say why don't you make it at home?

      2. I'd be interested to know too. When I was out in Vancouver a number of years ago, there was this little bubble tea stand by my apartment that made their teas with pureed fruit for $3.50 for a giant cup and their tapioca balls were a soft jelly. It seems like every place in Toronto just uses powdered mixes to flavour theirs and tapioca balls with the consistency of hockey puck. Ick.

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          Its weird that in Vancouver its standard to use fresh fruit while in Toronto its standard to use powder. I didn't know the new Ten Ren used fresh fruit, will have to check it out. I've been there many times, but usually just order the set meals with standard black bubble tea. Will look for fruit stuff next time!

        2. My favorite BBT place is called Food Jungle. There's one in Pacific Mall and one in a small strip plaza at Sheppard and Brimley (north side). The strip mall location is actually better. They have many 'real fruit' flavours. Lychee is one of my favorites (has actual frozen crushed lychees). Real fruit Mango is amazing too. Consistency of the tapioca is always perfect. Prices are good too. They regularly give out discount cards for 10% off - i think a Jumbo (huge) is close to $4.

          1. There is a place called Phil's... it's on the southeast corner of Gerrad and Elizabeth. Just east of sickids and south of Saffron Tree, the indian restaurant. Cheap and yummy.

            1. i've tried so many places i consider myself a connaisseur of bbt. you get what you pay for. some places are just downright awful - seems like it's just sugar and water and some ucky bubble crap.

              new place in first markham place in markham called orchid chai bistro. pretty good stuff. standard prices like destiny and go for tea. but love the design of the place and much easier to get into than destiny and go for tea. waitresses are hawt!

              i think this is the old location of bubble tea and me. can anyone confirm?