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Creme brulee

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My daughter and I are on the hunt for great creme brulee. Love the stuff (apply directly to thighs). Any suggestions where to find the best?

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  1. Try Cafe Stella in Silverlake. Nice and creamy, with a great crust and vanilla seeds on the bottom.

    1. Catal in Downtown Disney does a wonderful trio. Flavors change all the time, but I have sampled rosewater, mango, rootbeer, pistachio, cherry etc.

      Very creamy and delicious.

      1. Bistro 45 in Pasadena can do a good one. Pentimento at LACMA does, I think, a 4 mini platter. In fact, probably any Splichal place will do a creme brulee.

        1. The best I've had was at the Pavilion restaurant in the Four Seasons Newport Beach. The glazed, candied shell is to die for.

          1. Cafe Camellia in Bellflower on Bellflower Ave. Call first because they run-out all the time.

            1. I'm amending my request... from Santa Monica to Hollywood, please? I'll never get my daughter to drive to Bellflower (or Orange County). I'll just have to do that with a friend.

              1. I just had a very good creme brulee at Jer-Ne at the Ritz in Marina del Rey. It was four or five different flavors in separate containers that looked like big thimbles. I can't remember what the flavors were, but they were all excellent.

                The dinner at Jer-Ne was excellent as well.

                1. I, too, am on a mission to find the perfect creme brulee. I think it's the perfect dessert. It is uniquely rich and light at the same time in taste and texture--although in reality it's rich and very fattening. For a long time, my favorite was at the late Bernard's at the Biltmore Hotel. They served a very runny creme brulee (which had more of the consistency of zabaglione) filled with fresh berries. It was to die for. Since then, I've turned strictly purist and will only get vanilla creme brulee, which, IMO, is the only true creme brulee. Here are my two favorite spots so far:

                  Cafe Stella: another poster mentioned this and it replaced Bernard's as my favorite creme brulee. So far anyway. I'm always looking for something better. Theirs is silky smooth, with only the minutest air pockets, and bursts with vanilla flavor which comes from using real vanilla beans, not extract. Lesser creme brulees have larger air pockets and are slightly grainy around the edges, a sure sign that the bain marie got too hot and boiled. Very bad. It's the equivalent of the grainy watermelon, or grainy peach, which are also abominable.

                  KaGaYa: Yes, wonderful creme brulee can be had at a Japanese restaurant. It's pretty small, but that's all you need after feasting on their all-inclusive meal. This one is slightly heavier than the one at Cafe Stella, but not by much. It's a close second.

                  Cafe Stella
                  3932 W Sunset Blvd, Silverlake

                  418 E 2nd St, Little Tokyo