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Apr 8, 2008 08:22 PM

Believe it !

on our, my wife and i, quest for good food in and around TR we found some tonight...

i have read a thread or two about basil t's in TR on this and other boards. and frankly, i was thinking about beer and some interesting apps. boy, were we surprised. it is my understanding that the dishes we had tonight were all specials not on the regular menu. what we wound up with was a multi course tasting menu.

first up, PERFECTLY seared sea scallops with a saffron butter sauce. scallops were extremely fresh and sweet(those who know me know i am VERY PICKY about scallops). second, a wonderfully light flatbread pizza with prosciutto and red watercress. next up was a dish of what i call "poppers". small peppers stuffed and cooked. these were small sweet peppers stuffed with sausage, nicely seasoned tomato sauce and a bit of ricotta? on top. simple, hearty, flavorful, cooking at its best.
next up were two mini sliders made with ground lamb and tzatsiki sauce. the bread was textbook griddled. again, my kind of food, simple, executed to a t. could have eaten those all night long.....
next was a lovely slab of foie gras. paired with fig vin cotto, grilled focaccia, black truffle, and granny smith apple puree. need i say more
seared tuna over a light salad of sugar snaps was welcome relief from the rich foie
once in a while you have something and say "why didn't i think of that?" grilled, yes grilled, short rib of beef with romesco sauce and grilled polenta. i am a huge fan of short ribs. they are mainstays on my fall and winter menus. these were much lighter with a nice char on the outside. reminded me more of bbq. guess i'll have to steal that one.......
desserts were all house made. we had a butterscotch apple cake which was very good and got tres leches and chocolate cake but were tooooooo full to try. let you know tomorrow, lol.
our server was kind and attentive with a great smile (very important to me).
don't think this kind of thing happens on the weekend (same as me), but week nights ? just ask, why not. chef steve is a definite talent and a welcome addition to our small but growing rotation.

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  1. Chef Mike - I have to admit that I don't believe it. I am unable to comprehend that they are serving good food at Basil T's. My last meal there was beyond horrible to the point of being inedible. I used to love eating at Basil T's years back when they were interested in serving quality food with their homemade brews. Several meals that followed evidenced there intent to move in another direction and hence my refusal to return. On your recommendation alone I will try it once more. Hopefully this is a permanent change and not a momentary blip. Thanks again for the news. BTW, in order to avoid people missing this thread, next time please put the name of the restaurant in the title. :)

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      I'm sure chefMD is telling the truth about his experience. (That foie gras sounds awesome!) Plus, there's the fact that he's in charge of the kitchen at a restaurant that's well-regarded on this board, so his judgment merits our respect. That said, I'm going to wait until *you* check Basil T's out again -- which I'm sure you will -- and give it the high sign, at which point, I'll be making the shlep to TR. [Note: Years ago, and I do mean a l-o-o-o-ng time ago, I worked for a short time in TR. The choices for lunch really sucked big time! And that was even before I became a "food snob." :-)) ]

      1. re: RGR

        RGR - A poor choice of words on my part. I should have said I had a hard time believing Chef's comments (not that I didn't believe him). I clearly respect Mike's opinion as I am willing to return on his recommendation alone. I will let you know after having a chance to dine there.