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Apr 8, 2008 08:14 PM

Restaurant for 24

A very large group of friends are going out and looking to have dinner in the city. They need a place that can hold all 24 of them and has interesting food at good prices. I'm not sure what type of cuisine they're looking for. Thanks!

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  1. Finding out what type of cuisine AND budget would be a great help. For 24, I would recommend the top floor of Bix but that would put you out about $20k. Alternately, there are some great Chinese where all 24 of you could go for less than $100.

    Help us with some parameters...

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      Really? Which Chinese place can feed 24 for less than $100?

      1. Great Eastern is dandy for large groups. The seafood focused set menus are a good deal. The BBQ is excellent.

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