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Apr 8, 2008 07:36 PM

Good Brunch in Woodside/Sunnyside?

Except for La Flor, is there anyplace to get good brunch in the sunnyside/woodside area? some drinks (resonably priced) would be good also. A place that has some good sweet (waffles, french toast) and savory (eggs, meat,....etc)

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  1. de mole has a breakfast/brunch. mainly eggs rancheros type dishes, but very good and cheap.

    aubergine has waffles, quiche (eh) and such, but no real brunch menu. good coffee drinks.

    ny style eats offers traditional diner breakfasts.

    i usu don't have brunch in sunnyside; if i want brunch, i go to either lic (tournesol, cafe henri) or astoria (valverde, time cafe, brick cafe, etc).

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      Second what Linda said. Also, Alpha Donuts (QB and 46th) has diner breakfasts and plenty of donuts and other baked goods, but the atmosphere is non-existent and it's not the most sanitary place I've ever eaten. I hear that the Ham & Eggery over by Best Buy on Northern Blvd (50th St.) has good old school diner fare as well, but we haven't been. It's a super cute old-timey trailer.

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        Oh, I can assure you that the Ham & Eggery is a terrific diner breakfast, but it's technically not Sunnyside anymore, IMHO.

    2. Even better for diner fare is the Stop Inn on Roosevelt & 61st. Real hash browns and a whole menu of Irish breakfast specialties. But somehow I don't think that's what the original poster was looking for.

      Let's face it though, Sunnyside and Woodside are still much more diner neighborhoods than brunch-y neighborhoods. Witness the fact that even the neighborhood's "upscale" restaurants have had difficulties making a go of it. Quaint gave it up completely, and Bliss didn't even try it for a long time (do they serve it now? ...not a place I ever go). I think some of the area's fancier Irish bars, like the bars along Queens Blvd., may do a brunch. I'm almost certain that the amazingly over-designed new Sidetracks does, and I think the Copper Kettle on Skillman does as well.

      However, whenever I go out for a "nice" breakfast in the area I'm always drawn back to De Mole, which is comfortable, friendly, and can be counted on for good food.

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      1. re: Woodside Al

        I think Quaint is serving brunch, but only on sundays (or saturdays, I can't remember!). And while the menu is limited, it's very much a classic brunch type place. I moved to Woodside from Brooklyn where you can't throw a rock without hitting an eggs benedict and I do sometimes miss those types of brunch places. Generally, we eat at La Flor and De Mole. Quaint a few times. Occasionally we get in the car and drive to LIC or Astoria, but just as often we drive down to Greenpoint/Williamsburg which isn't much further for those with a car.

        On weekdays we've gone to Engelines a few times, weekends it's too crowded. They have "american" and "philipino" breakfast, which includes garlic rice, 2 eggs any style (I think sunnyside is appropriate) and really tasty cured pork or sausage. A nice alternative for breakfast.

        1. re: Woodside Al

          LOL, amazingly over-designed is right. However, I think a GOOD brunch place would be a welcome addition to the neighborhood - I just don't care that much for Bliss, Quaint or any of the other "upscale" restaurants in Sunnyside. I think they're all trying to be Manhattan-level places and charge close to Manhattan-level prices, but they're missing the mark with the food. I've been thoroughly underwhelmed every time I've gone to either Bliss or Quaint. If I want to spend that much on a meal, I'll stay in Manhattan for better food of the same type or I'll hit an ethnic place and have an absolute feast for the same price.

          When I go out for breakfast/brunch in Sunnyside (and it's rare, I would rather go to Astoria or into Manhattan), it's always either De Mole or NY Style Eats, or if I'm in the mood for unsanitary, Alpha Donuts. I'll have to add the Stop Inn to my list for diners, though!

          1. re: Woodside Al

            Quaint is serving brunch on Sundays. On occasion, they have scones. The chocolate chip scone was great and inexpensive compared to Manhattan prices. The french toast is also terrific. It's alot of food for the price.

          2. I would agree mostly with what everyone else has said. Just wanted to add that Rose Restaurant (Qns Blvd btw 44th & 45th) is actually pretty good for diner food. I'm generally not a fan of diners, but the breakfast there is actually pretty good and they're nice and the space is even nice for a diner.

            1. The Cuckoo's Nest does brunch from 11-3 on the weekends. Good Irish breakfast, their french toast is pretty decent and a bunch of other stuff that I haven't tried, like eggs benedict, steak and eggs... can't remember what else.

              The Cornerstone up on Grand Ave in Maspeth does a really nice breakfast. If you have a car you might want to check that out. I think Connelly's Corner just down the street from there does a brunch as well, but I'm not totally sure on that.

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                I see connellys is looking for a new chef so maybe that will help the brunch scene as well.

              2. The original comment has been removed