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Apr 8, 2008 07:28 PM

How many McCormick and Schmicks are there?

Jake's Grill and Jake's Crawfish grill both have McCormick and Schmick menus when you click on them, yet they have different addresses. Then there is a separatley listed McCormick and Schmick downtown and another by the river. Can a city have 4 of the same restaurants or is the web confused?

Aslo let's everyone vote on Best Downtown Steakhouse. El Gaucho or London Grill or someplace different.


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  1. Don't forget McCormick's Fish House in Beaverton and M&S Grill in Bridgeport Village - Tigard - That'd make 6 in the Portland metro area.

    1. Jake's is the original of of the chain, going back over 110 years. M & S (two local real people) bought it, built it up to the international chain it is today. Then they sold it, I think.
      That is why there are so many: because it started here.

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      1. re: Leonardo

        And then they bought it back. Personally, I think there are too many. Portland , off the top of my head, seems to lack a truly great fish restaurant.

        1. re: portpig

          I second the motion that there are too many. We had eaten at Jake's in Portland as well as one of the Oregon M&Ss many years ago, and were so excited to learn that they were coming to Southern California, but what a disappointment! The Pasadena branch has an absolutely gorgeous building, wonderful location and totally mediocre food. All of it!

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Go to Ringside. It's the real deal.