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How many McCormick and Schmicks are there?

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Jake's Grill and Jake's Crawfish grill both have McCormick and Schmick menus when you click on them, yet they have different addresses. Then there is a separatley listed McCormick and Schmick downtown and another by the river. Can a city have 4 of the same restaurants or is the web confused?

Aslo let's everyone vote on Best Downtown Steakhouse. El Gaucho or London Grill or someplace different.


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  1. Don't forget McCormick's Fish House in Beaverton and M&S Grill in Bridgeport Village - Tigard - That'd make 6 in the Portland metro area.

    1. Jake's is the original of of the chain, going back over 110 years. M & S (two local real people) bought it, built it up to the international chain it is today. Then they sold it, I think.
      That is why there are so many: because it started here.

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        And then they bought it back. Personally, I think there are too many. Portland , off the top of my head, seems to lack a truly great fish restaurant.

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          I second the motion that there are too many. We had eaten at Jake's in Portland as well as one of the Oregon M&Ss many years ago, and were so excited to learn that they were coming to Southern California, but what a disappointment! The Pasadena branch has an absolutely gorgeous building, wonderful location and totally mediocre food. All of it!

      2. Go to Ringside. It's the real deal.