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Apr 8, 2008 07:24 PM

Walkable culture- Balt/ do we have it?

Recently a DC transplant lamented the lack of "walkable culture" here in Baltimore. Do we have it? Where is it?

I think a promising area for this phenomenon as it relates to food and restaurants is Federal Hill. Recently my wife and I met a group of Chowhounders for oysters (14 different varieties), moved on to Magerk's for their steak sub special but separated from the group to have the whole fish special at Thai Arroy. Had this been been Friday maybe a stop in to the Cross Street Market might have been in order. What are your favorites of groupings of restaurants or events that might fit the bill?

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  1. Mt. Vernon. I think it's one of the only neighborhoods in this city that has it all within walking distance. Bars, restaurants, a supermarket, a mini-mart, a drugstore, a good wine store - all within a 15 minute walk. But I do think that Fed Hill might fit the bill.

    As for an evening out in Mt. Vernon: dinner at The Helmand, the BSO at the Meyerhoff, then indie rock (courtesy of the bartender's iPod), rosemary-garlic frieds, and great beer at Brewer's Art.

    I moved here from NYC almost 2 years ago and I really think that this is the only neighborhood in this city in which I can survive without a car!

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      We live in Federal Hill and walk to Locust Point and even Harbor East to eat. Public transit is pretty lousy, but it's nice to be able to walk to so many restaurants.

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        I agree. I live in Mt. Vernon (with a car), but my boyfriend, who also lives in the neighborhood, easily survives without one. There are so many places to go, and once the construction dies down a little, it will be a lot more pedestrian friendly. Now Mt. Vernon also has its own movie rental place (Vanguard Video), so there's one less reason to leave!

      2. Much of southeast Baltimore fits the bill. You can walk to Little Italy (although not much chow worthy there), Upper B'dwy, with tons of Central American offerings, Canton (again, not much chow worthy), but I sort of like Birch's. And, walking distance to a big Safeway. Once in Fells Point--more food offerings, although I pretty much stick to Duda's and One-Eyed Mike's, the market, mainly for Sophia's pierogis and sometimes lunch at Theresa's Deli, and the gelato place,--you can easily get to Harbor East (where one can chow down at Lebanese Taverna, and, of course, some fancy big name places.)

        I agree about Federal Hill and Mt Vernon, too.

        From where I live, in Butchers Hill, it's easier to walk TO these places than FROM them, which is all uphill.....

        1. I live in Hampden and within a 10 minute walk there are 2 grocery stores including the fabulous Superfresh on 41st Street, an amazing Wine Shop, 3 other liquor/wine stores, 3 drug stores, a Movie Theatre, several dry cleaners, several car repair places, Bars and Restaurants, the Lightrail, the Avenue and it's shopping, the Christmas Miracle, several churches, the Tescumsah Red Man's Hall (whatever goes on there ;), ball fields, parks, several Festivals, etc.
          Yeah, Baltimore has walkable culture...