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Apr 8, 2008 07:02 PM

THAT'S the Hell's Kitchen I love

Second episode and it's back to what it was all about. The kitchen, the cooking or lack thereof.

And I am sooo impressed that Ramsay didn't let it turn into Survivor - Corey made stupid choices and will now have two people gunning for her. Stupid stupid stupid. Very glad Ramsay sacked Sharon. Who the heck can cook with fake nails? I mean, what if one pops off and you don't know where or when???

The game is on!!

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  1. I thought the halibut portioning challenge was a cool idea. It blows me away the amount of food that is scratched. It's unsustainable.
    What an experience it would be to eat there, waiting hours for an appetizer and never knowing if you'll get your next course before the kitchen gets shut down.
    Rosann reminds me of a female version of Rocky Balboa.

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    1. re: jtpeters

      You say Rocky Balboa - I said Tony Soprano. Neither are that far off. :-)

    2. "And I am sooo impressed that Ramsay didn't let it turn into Survivor - Corey made stupid choices and will now have two people gunning for her. Stupid stupid stupid."
      I liked this show better than the first episode but it's still over the top.

      And I couldn't understand why Corey chose who she did either - other than the fact that Sharon was her friend. The person who *should* have been nominated was Rosann who was working the FOH - she had *how* many tickets held back because she didn't want to "overwhelm Chef Ramsay or the kitchen"??? Is she just plain STOOPID? And while I grew up in northern NJ and heard similar accents, I have never, ever heard a woman sound exactly like Tony Soprano. I'm sure it's out there, but it just sounds so ... I don't know - uneducated?

      And Petrozza? He's definitely done. Bobby should have left him out there. You'd think the guys would have learned from last week's debacle in not knowing the menu. And nice going Chris - way to smack the female diner in the head with a chair leg. !&#(%&! What the hell was he thinking carrying the chair so high?

      It's a 10 car pileup on the interstate. You should just drive by and go on your way, but you just have to slow down and see if there are any white sheets covering something on the road.

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      1. re: LindaWhit

        I hope those sheets are covering the wasted food because it makes me cringe every time I see that! But, yeah, I know what you mean. Though I don't rubber-neck 10 car pileups, I can't stop watching this.....this.....fiasco?

        I sort of got the drift when Corey was talking to the guys that she was using the "Survivor Method" of choosing her closest competitors rather than the most inept. Not a very good idea in this game, and I'm glad Gordon chose appropriately.

        If I ever see Jason, I'm gonna smack him on the forehead. Just because. I know I'll feel a whole lot better.

        1. re: phee

          Smack Jason for me too. I'll also feel better. And maybe it will shake around his stupid male chauvinistic posturing into something resembling reality! I was hoping that since they showed so much of him, he would be the one to go. No such luck! But overall I thought the episode was way better than last week.

        2. re: LindaWhit

          I'm horrible, i actually found the part where Chis smucked the female diner in the head with the chair pretty funny. I will probably get hit in the head with two chairs now next time i go out.

        3. This show wasn't worth to warrant my full attention. But I was listening to it as I was doing some work. It seems that every contestant is a character. Loved listening to Jen(?) be such a know-it-all. She's going to create a lot of tension on the show which is exactly what the producers and viewers want.

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          1. re: Miss Needle

            I had to laugh at Jen too. A friend of mine works with one of the contestants on the show.... he can't tell him much due to confidentiality reasons.... but when asked..... did jen really go on and on and on at the elimination, or was that just the editing monkeys...... she did indeed go on and on and on.

          2. Wow, I tried to watch this last night, inspired by all the fans on these boards, and had to turn it off after 15 mins for a "Real Housewives of NYC" rerun. (And I'm someone who will watch FN and TC until my eyeballs bleed.) Unwatchable! Not because of the cooking, but because of the incredibly stressfull environment--I could feel my cortisol levels surging and my lifespan shortening with every Ramsay bellow. Geez, fans of this show must never have had a bad boss or angry dad. I feel like suing fans on this board for post-traumatic stress!

            1. I was half-joking last week about having the announcer detailing the blow by blow action... What I would like to see is more instructional bits and the inner workings of a high-end restaurant kitchen.

              The halibut challenge was pretty cool. It would have been great if they spent just an extra minute or two showing more of the demo... I'm not asking for a PBS dissertation, but just a little bit more.

              Maybe the producers just play to the lowest common denominator thinking all we want is the drama and conflict.

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              1. re: dave_c

                Really good point, a little education mixed in to the show could really make it stand out among other reality elimination shows.
                But what if the halibut demo was like Martin Yan's 18 second chicken deboning demo, hah?

                1. re: jtpeters

                  He didn't debone it..he cut it up.