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Apr 8, 2008 06:53 PM

Cool/Hip restaurants for 18 yr old daughter?

Looking for "cool/hip" restaurants, that an 18 yr old, who loves good food, would enjoy. We're in the city for 3 nights. No budget.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. - Foreign Cinema
      - NOPA

      You could do the Reese Witherspoon / Jake Gyllenhall tour of the city by going to A16, Slanted Door, and Delfina.

      I think Sebo is probably the coolest sushi bar I've been to here. It's very sleek, good music, fantastic sushi.

      Hog Island Oyster Bar is kind of cool, especially during their $1 happy hours (M and Th, 5 - 7).

      You can find lots about all these restaurants on these boards using the search.

      1. LOLO in the mission! cool, hip....and tasty food!

        second foreign cinema.....

        1. I haven't even actually been there, but based on reputation alone I popped into this thread thinking "maybe Foreign Cinema?"

          In all likelihood this might also mean that it's totally played out and no longer cool or hip. I'm in my mid-twenties: I'm too poor to eat at any place that's hip and I probably wouldn't want to go there even if I could afford it.