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Vietnamese on the Westbank..

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Can anyone recommend a good place that does not use any MSG in their food?

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  1. Most viet places in NOLA will tell you that they don't ADD any MSG to their food, but MSG and other glutamates occur naturally in fermented fish sauce, a key ingredient of vietnamese cooking. It is also present in soy sauce, another condiment used in marinades & some dishes. So you can't really find any glutamate-free viet food anywhere.

    On the other hand, you could probably eat spring rolls & skip the dipping sauce, or a bowl of pho (ask first, 'cause instant pho is loaded w/MSG). Or a bun dish, sans the dressing (it comes on the side so it's not hard to avoid).

    Try Tan Dinh, on Belle Chasse Hwy/Lafayette St in Gretna. Lots of variety on the menu.....