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Apr 8, 2008 06:04 PM

Easy recipe

Does anyone know a recipe so easy a young teenager can make it? I need to get my daughter in the kitchen, but I don't know any, healhy recipes she can cook.

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  1. What does she like to eat? Does she know how to handle a knife, fry pan, boil water?
    Does she like salads, sandwiches? Can she slice carrots, onions celery then fry them? If she doesn't know these basics, it's very easy to spend a little time to show her how to get started. There are several web sites for Kids in the Kitchen. I wish it had been on line when my children were young, but it was easy to teach them some simple procedures. My own daughter was making a very respectible Italian tomato pasta sauce when she was ten....with supervision and never a knife accident.

    This is just one of many sites which will help you get started:

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      I began cooking when I was around your daughter's age, and one of my favorite recipes to make (then AND now) was Spaghetti Carbonara - the "traditional" version that uses egg instead of cream sauce. A recipe very similar to mine was posted on this site not too long ago, although when making it, I would suggest leaving out the peas as they're not found in true Italian carbonara.

      The best part about this recipe is that even though it's very quick and easy, it still never fails to impress my friends and family.

    2. My daughter started with eggs and pasta -

      1. Does she cook at all? Have you started her by having her help you cook? Maybe the two of you could come up with a recipe you both like that you can cook together, going through the whole process (figuring out what ingredients you need, making a shopping list, shopping together, prepping, cooking and serving). It will take longer than doing it by yourself, but it will be an investment in teaching her so she'll be more help later.

        If you've already been cooking together and she has the basics, why don't you start with something like Alton Brown's easy stovetop Mac N Cheese? It's super easy and doesn't every kid love mac n cheese?

        1. The first thing my nine-year-old daughter made besides scrambled eggs was this delicious roasted duck. Of course I helped with the dangerous stuff (dumping out the steaming water and reducing the glaze, mainly), but she did a great job and has since made it several times. It is quite impressive and there is no knife work to speak of involved.

          Chinatown Steamed and Roasted Duck:

          Also, teach her how to make a bechamel. It's easy and can be used for many easy recipes like macaroni and cheese, goldenrod eggs, any number of crepes, and so forth.

          1. My 15 yr old son started with "assembly" type affairs which really means salads I suppose. Still pretty involving though, as he has to plan a menu, make a shopping list, join Dad at the supermarket, prepare the dish with nice presentation and then clean up afterwards (well, maybe not the last bit!). His shrimp, bacon and avocado on a bed of bitter leaves with crutons and a lemon & Parmesan type dressing is a regular highlight.
            This stimulated his interest, and he's now moving on to the hot & sharp bits of cooking.