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Apr 8, 2008 05:57 PM

Throwing a "Best of New York" themed party- what to serve?

Not much of a cook myself, but a pretty good "gatherer" and appreciator :)

So, if you were going to throw a party and serve all food from the category "Best of New York" what would you put on the menu?

I'm thinking:

-gus' pickles
- burgers/meats from Ottamaneli Brothers
- Ess a bagels
- zabars spreads
- amy's breads
- murray's cheeses
- cupcakes from Sugar Sweet sunshine
- il labratorio del gelato
- brooklyn brewing company brews

Any other ideas? This is for a BBQ party, but I don't mind the food being zany :)

Thank you!

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  1. Fat witch brownies, sarabeth jams, Ommegang beer (from upstate NY)...

    1. For cheeses - you might actually want to get some NY state cheeses from Saxelby's - I really like the Mecox Bay ones.

      1. You should add Russ and Daughters' smoked salmon and whitefish salad!
        Di Palo's prosciutto and ham, mozzarella and cheese!

        1. Great Idea for a party! Maybe get a Growler of Sixpoint beer from Whole Foods, some black and white cookies from Moishe's, City Bakery Pretzal Croissants, frozen dumplings from the dumpling place on Eldridge, some NY State wine from Vintage NY and some Ubet chocoltae syrup to make egg creams.

          1. Pastrami/brisket/etc from Katz's. Smoked fishes from Russ & daughters. Dumplings from somewhere in Flushing (White Bear?).