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Apr 8, 2008 05:27 PM

Best Austin Cookie

I just had the triple chocolate cookie at Bakerman's downtown....OMG, it was the best cookie I had. White, Milk, and Dark Chocolate with Pecans. This is my new favorite.

What is everyone's favorite cookie in Austin and where can we get it?

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  1. Yes, from a chain, but it's roots are in Austin...

    I absolutely love the almond finger cookies from Whole Foods.

    1. Tiff's Treats warm chocolate chip cookies with cold milk.

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      1. I really love all of the cookies at San Francisco Bakery (off Anderson Lane, behind the CVS). I think I have tried every flavor they have (choc chip, oatmeal, sugar, snickerdoodle and toffee) and they are really tasty.

        1. Palmiers at Tam Deli, baklava at Phoenicia.

          1. Big John's vegan chocolate chip cookie at Whole Foods downtown. Big as a Frisbee and only 99 cents, to boot!

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            1. re: bookgrrl72

              I agree, not expected to be great as it is labeled vegan, but quite possibly on of the best store bought. Tiff's treats don't do it for me, yes it's fun they arrive warm, but they really are not the best. Has anyone had Kevin's?

              1. re: gulch

                A salty oat cookie from Quack's off of Duval around the corner of Hyde Park Grill...