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Apr 8, 2008 05:25 PM

Savoia pizzas - price hike

Wow...I haven't had a pizza delivered from Savoia in some time, and my menu is pretty old. Anyway I ordered a Diavola personal pizza tonight to be delivered. The menu says $13.50. The only menu pages menu says $13.95.

Imagine my surprise when it came to the door as a whopping $16.50 + tax. This, mind you, is for a 4 slice small pizza with a little sopressata, and a sprinkling of olives. Oddly, when I called to confirm the price (surprised as I was), they said $15.95...which is less than $16.50 and confusing but not worth arguing about. The man who answered said something about a price hike a couple of months ago to do the weakness of the dollar vs the Euro (??). I know that Sam's has raised pizza prices due to flour pricing going up but...

Anyway, I'm really surprised and felt more than a little ripped off considering what arrived. It also wasnt nearly as tasty as I remembered it being. The cheese was bland, the sauce unremarkable, and the olives have an odd after taste. About the only good thing I can say for it is the sopressata is nicely spicy.

Crossing this off my list.

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  1. flour prices have risen considerably and the rise is everywhere affected by it: bagels; bakeries; and pizzas.

    1. small restaurants and businesses are suffering from the rising cost of flour & wheat. i think they all realize how rising costs affecs their business. cut them a break.

      1. The price of flour has just about doubled in the past 12 months. The sharpest price increase occured just recently, over the last month or two.

        Cheeses and dairy products are up about 50 - 60% on average over the same period. I say on average because some cheeses have increased at a greater rate than others.

        Recently, there was a very long thread on the outer boroughs chowhound section regarding Di Fara's recent hike to $4.00 a slice. (I should know because I started that thread). Quite honestly, every single pizzeria in NYC would be justified in raising their prices to $4.00 a slice based on the current cost of raw materials. And when I write "every single pizzeria", I really mean it. This would include not only the superior high end pizzerias like Di Fara's, but also the very good, merely good, average, slightly below average and mediocre pizzerias. Here, I would include the truly awful, borderline incompetent pizzerias as well, but one would assume that natural market forces would kill the business of any truly awful pizzerias. But even the truly awful pizzerias that still manage to stay in business have to pay for their raw materials. (BTW, this is an interesting topic for another thread: Are there any absolutely truly awful pizzerias that continue to stay in business year after year after year notwithstanding ....)

        That most other pizzerias haven't yet raised their slice prices above the $3.00 mark yet is likely because of competitive reasons - (i.e. the pizzeria two blocks away is still selling them for $2.50 a slice and my business might drop if I priced higher than my nearest competitor). I don't know how long current retail pizza slice prices will last, and I don't expect them too. In fact, if current trends continue, don't be surprised if every other pizzeria does raise their prices to $4.00 a slice.

        And don't be surprised if bakeries follow suit as well, not that they haven't begun to raise their prices either. Today, I paid almost $2.00 for an italian bread that, upon reflection, I would swear cost about $1.10, maybe $1.25, just a year ago.

        1. I was told that a 50 lb bag of flour was 16 dollars two years ago, and now the same flour costs 43 dollars a bag. What the heck is going on with corn and wheat already ?!?!?!
          I'm surprised pizza makers haven't hiked their prices even higher.
          Luckily, most of them don't use eggs.

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          1. re: Cheese Boy

            A 50lb bag of flour last week was $55.00 and expected to rise to $60.00. Our local pizza place is charging $2.50 a slice which I wouldn't have a problem with if it was good. I may return to making pizza at home which I did many years ago.

            1. re: Mike V

              Maybe you have the right solution Mike.

              I get what you're saying guys, I know that flour costs have gone up...but the pizza I got last night simply wasnt worth $16.50 to me. That was my point. It wasnt even good. If you have to go to that price point because of flour, the product damn well better justify it. It had better be an epiphany of a small pizza and it was not. Otherwise, why would anyone buy it?

              So I, personally, regardless of the flour strike, won't be ordering pizza from there again. Perhaps the high cost of flour just means I better choose my pizzas carefully, so that the price feels more justifiable.

              1. re: Nehna

                Ginny and I are regulars there and like them a lot. However, as a regular pizza eater (she eats some of their pastas and mains), I've noticed a drop off in the quality of the fatoressa pizza as well. The ingredients arent as quality tasting and the crust isnt as crisp and tasty. This decline is clear to me (hey, we're there regularly... I have good #s to compare). And, yes, the prices have shot up quite a bit... something I too wouldnt mind if the quality stayed high. Hopefully, it'll get better again. My patience isnt my strongest attribute.