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Apr 8, 2008 05:19 PM

[DFW] Best Bakery in Lewisville/Carrollton Area

I am looking for a bakery that has tarts, cookies, pies, cakes, turnovers, croissants. I am looking for a good European style bakery but not a chain! So no Celebrity, La Madeline, or Magnolia. Anyone have any clues where I can find any of these?

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  1. the only one i can think of is the main street bread company in d/t grapevine. it is exactly what you're looking for, but not in lewisville/carrollton, although i think they have a plano location now as well...

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      I've had mixed results at Main Street. I've been more pleased with the European options at Mozart Bakery by Super H, even though they're an Asian bakery. Mozart won't have crusty European breads though. One thing I really like at Main Street is their Macaron. They do a chocolate and a raspberry, only large ones, and only on the weekends, but they're good.

      1. re: kindofabigdeal

        Would Mozart be similar to Paris Blue on Royal Ln (west of 35)? I tried the pastries there but they are a little off from what I would like.....great ingredients and baking skill but just not the flavor or type of pastry I am looking for.

        1. re: LewisvilleHounder

          yes, very similar to Paris Bleu, but better and a larger selection. Also, I spoke too soon. On my way to work tonight I stopped by there and they make baguettes. I didn't try one, but I gave it a feel (with paper in between of course) and it felt good and had a good weight.

          I've tried a lot of Asian Bakeries and this is my favorite. They have ample samples too.

          There's one on the Royal Lane exit near PB, and then the Super H market one and another somewhere else. I think they're a small chain based in Atlanta.

          1. re: kindofabigdeal

            I go to the Mozart in Plano several times a week. Darn them for moving in 6 blocks or so from my house....