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Apr 8, 2008 04:34 PM

Renu Nakorn-08'

Well it finally happened! Renu Nakorn is OPEN as of 11:30am today, Tue.
We arrived at 11:35am. There were already 8 people sitting down and more coming in.
Tippy recognized us instantly and acted like RN had only been closed for a week or two.
Instead of a "Lifetime".
We ordered some basics like: Chicken Satay(6.95), Tom Yum Kung Soup(10.95 Hot Pot), Pad Se-Ew(6.95).
Everything was just like it used to be except the price, but worth it!
It takes a while to get over the Newness of the Restaurant but once the food starts arriving it's like 'old times'.

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  1. Sweetness.

    Is it in the same location? I remember reading here that it moved to a different strip mall nearby?

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    1. re: Professor Salt

      Next to the Subway(landmark) for future reference.

    2. Oh boy! I'm rubbin' my hands already. And I just had Thai. Thanks russkar!

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      1. re: elmomonster

        I think you'll be very happy. Same food , fresh atmosphere, what could be better?

      2. Wow, damn. I just had Weekend O'Chowhounding because the Mrs. and the kid were out of town visitin'... ah well. I'll get there at some point, maybe after they get the shiny rubbed off.

        1. Stopped by today for some long-awaited eats. Same staff (most importantly, the matriarch of the kitchen). Only slightly higher prices. Food quality unchanged (better?). Roomier, cleaner, brighter, more nicely decorated.

          Note, their lunch and dinner specials (aka combos) are listed only on the to-go menu, but believe you can order them in-house too.

          By the way, it's roughly in the same location as before, but the old rundown strip mall is completely redone.

          FYI: In case you were wondering, they stated they spent their time during their renovation at their family's other restaurant in Los Alamitos (Siam Palace). Never knew of this other restaurant, which she described as "less spicy", whatever that may mean (more "Americanized"?). May have to investigate, as Los Al's not too far from me either.

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          1. re: pharmnerd

            Thanks for the hot tip on the other location at Los Alamitos!

            Yeah, they are more roomier to take large group at the new location. I missed the green curry and the roasted duck curry. I like the new place and was excited to try their seafood dishes. The combos are great during lunch. The prices are roughly the around $7-$8 at most of the dishes. Definitely worth the trek out to this place.


            1. re: Pepsi Monster

              Just recently tried the roasted duck curry. I think I found a new dish to add to my regular rotation. Very rich. Fresh veggies and duck.

              1. re: pharmnerd

                Yes, I love their roast duck curry. Their curry is simply amazing. I am having their red curry right now. So good!

          2. Nice. Thanks for the news russkar! :)

            I never got to experience the much-lauded Renu Nakorn, but am glad it's re-opened now.

            Do you have the Address?

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            1. re: exilekiss

              13019 E. Rosecrans Ave, Suite 105, Norwalk 90650