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Apr 8, 2008 04:15 PM

Restaurants with spectacular views

of the city. Price is not really an issue. Thanks for your suggestions.

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  1. River Cafe, in Brooklyn, has a view of the Manhattan skyline. I've not been to the restaurant, so I can't critique the food. But those who have say it's quite good though not as spectacular as that view. If you want to get opinions directly from other Hounds, since it is in Brooklyn, I suggest that you post on the Outer Boroughs board.

    1. If your primary purpose is to check out the views, 230 Fifth is one place I can think of. It's a cocktail lounge not a restaurant but they have a rooftop garden with truly awesome views of the city. The food is mediocre and as for the drinks, the bartender doesn't know what the hell he's doing but I go just for the views especially because the place never has lineups and is usually quiet (not surprising). For me, it's a great spot to be able to enjoy a conversation over crappy drinks without having to shout.

      You'll probably find some better suggestions here:

      1. Waters edge in LIC. Incredible tasting menu and incredible views

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          And ride the free water shuttle from 35th St. across the East river.
          No better view of Manhattan.

          Arrive at sunset for drinks. Then dine as the midtown skyline twinkles into night.

        2. What about the Ritz in Battery Park? Their bar is on the top floor and I imagine you could order food as well. Haven't been but understand it's a spectacular view.

          1. Check out Bruni's review of Chop Suey in today's NYTimes. He takes an out-of-town friend there, just for the views of Times Square.

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              I can't remember the name of the place but its the restaurant in the Mandarin Oriental in the Time Warner Center (35th floor i believe)....If price is not object, its hard to get a better view than that... the bar is good up there too....River Cafe is a classic as well

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                I think you are referring to Asiate. The view is indeed magnificent, though the food is a bit boring.