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Restaurants with spectacular views

of the city. Price is not really an issue. Thanks for your suggestions.

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  1. River Cafe, in Brooklyn, has a view of the Manhattan skyline. I've not been to the restaurant, so I can't critique the food. But those who have say it's quite good though not as spectacular as that view. If you want to get opinions directly from other Hounds, since it is in Brooklyn, I suggest that you post on the Outer Boroughs board.


    1. If your primary purpose is to check out the views, 230 Fifth is one place I can think of. It's a cocktail lounge not a restaurant but they have a rooftop garden with truly awesome views of the city. The food is mediocre and as for the drinks, the bartender doesn't know what the hell he's doing but I go just for the views especially because the place never has lineups and is usually quiet (not surprising). For me, it's a great spot to be able to enjoy a conversation over crappy drinks without having to shout.

      You'll probably find some better suggestions here: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/408789

      1. Waters edge in LIC. Incredible tasting menu and incredible views

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          And ride the free water shuttle from 35th St. across the East river.
          No better view of Manhattan.

          Arrive at sunset for drinks. Then dine as the midtown skyline twinkles into night.

        2. What about the Ritz in Battery Park? Their bar is on the top floor and I imagine you could order food as well. Haven't been but understand it's a spectacular view.

          1. Check out Bruni's review of Chop Suey in today's NYTimes. He takes an out-of-town friend there, just for the views of Times Square.

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              I can't remember the name of the place but its the restaurant in the Mandarin Oriental in the Time Warner Center (35th floor i believe)....If price is not object, its hard to get a better view than that... the bar is good up there too....River Cafe is a classic as well

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                I think you are referring to Asiate. The view is indeed magnificent, though the food is a bit boring.

            2. You may want to check out Cafe Grayz. You will get the spectacular view of Central Park, and possibly do a chef table. Since it is closing in June, this may be the last chance to enjoy the view until the new restaurant opens.

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                We haven't been to Cafe Grayz, but from the comments I've read from others who have been there and photos I've seen of the dining room, it appears the space is in such a way that when diners are seated at the tables, their view is obstructed by the kitchen.

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                  You're mixing Cafe Gray in the Time-Warner building with Grayz on W54th.
                  If you have one of the 3 tables along the serving counter in Cafe Gray, you can, in fact, see some of Central Park (well, one of you can-the other will see a big building on the South side of 59th St.) Most of the other tables provide you a view of the open kitchen-the staff, if they have time, have a fine view.
                  You won't see anything at Grayz, because it is the ground/basement floor of a townhouse.

                  If cost is not an issue, your best view and food choice would be Per Se--also in the Time-Warner building, on the 4th floor, with a great view of Central Park...and a really great meal.

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                    I was not mixing up Cafe Gray with Grayz. It's common knowledge that the design of Cafe Gray has the open kitchen obstructing the view of the park for diners, a fact that was mentioned in all the newspaper reviews I read. I am also fully aware that Grayz is in a townhouse on 54th St., the location formerly occupied by Aquavit.

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                      I think David W was addressing kobetobiko?

                      Kobetobiko wrote "Cafe Grayz" when referring to Cafe Gray, the restaurant in the Time Warner Center.

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                        Hmmm... I just looked at kobe's post, and it appears you are correct, kathryn. When I responded to David W, kobe's post was not visible to me. My misunderstanding occurred because David clicked "Reply" on the last post on the thread, i.e., mine, instead of on kobe's post.

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                          Just trying to prevent the OP from searching Cafe Grayz and ending up at the wrong place...
                          By the way, one of the tables I mentioned is occupied in the photo in this link...you can see the park, and the food being plated at the same time:


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                            Hi all,

                            sorry for my typo and all the confusion! Actually my friend told me that if you have the chef's table by ordering the chef's tasting menu, your table will be set up between the kitchen and the window so you can see both the open kitchen plus the central park view (not just a little bit).

                            I am not 100% sure about this as I have never ordered the chef's tasting there. I will try to get more info from my friend.

              2. River Cafe was one of the best meals I had this year.

                I've only had cocktails & snacks at Mandarin Oriental, but that is very nice as well ($$$$$ too).