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Apr 8, 2008 04:13 PM

PEI: Best Dining?

I plan to visit Prince Edward Island on an upcoming trip to Canada. What are the best restaurants? (Cost is not a limitation.)

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  1. Michael Smith used to work at The Inn at Bay Fortune....perhaps one of the locals could help you find out if that is still top notch.

    I like the pub fare in Charlottetown myself...but there are plenty of places that sound interesting.....the Claddagh Oyster House in Charlottetown sounds promising, however i've never been, ditto for Sim's Corner which also has an oyster bar ( . Dundee Arms is another mention

    Check out the lobster suppers you'll see advertised everywhere. I think i recall eating at the Fisherman's Wharf in North Rustico a few years back, they also do lobster suppers. It was also an experience to have "tea" at Dalvay by the Sea, which if you're an Anne fan, this place was featured on the Road to Avonlea. Touristy stuff aside, it's a beautiful location and the dinner menu sounds very promising....i could only afford the tea when i visited there several years back. will provide lots of listings. There is also a culinary institute in PEI, and the website says that they have a fully functioning restaurant

    Most of these are just suggestions...a local can best fill you in on the not so obvious places.

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      Probably not the best dining, but the best Sea Food Chowder is at Dalway by the Sea a hotel in the National Park about 30 minutes north of Charlottetown, for lunch at about $10 in 2007 (probably more now). Beautiful dining room but informal for lunch guests. Other items on the lunch menu 'ok', but seafood chowder absolutely superb in my judgement --DVR

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        We ate at Dayboat last summer a quite enjoyed it (though the room is a bit loud) . I would NOT recommend eating at the Stanhope Beach resort. Th resort itself is excellent but they have no clue when it comes to food. It's not bad, it's just not worth the money. That being said, many restaurants on the Island are seasonal, therefore things can change a lot for year to year.
        Off Broadway in Charlottetown is also very good. I can also recommend Sims Corner Steakhouse and Oyster Bar in Charlottetown.

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          I just had the seared scallops at the LOT 30 restaurant. It was delicious.

          They posted their menu on the website.

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          Fisherman's Wharf in North Rustico is tragic. Big time on my Avoid list.

          A few years ago I had a pretty decent dinner at Lobster on the Wharf in downtown Charlottetown and yes it's on the wharf. Couldn't tell you how it is now, but perhaps someone else could.

          I had my best experiences in Charlottetown by renting a small cottage with a barbecue and full kitchen, picking up the local and fresh wares, and DIY'ing dinner.

        3. Visited early June and must say that Dayboat has an awesome new chef, and the food was fabulous. So was the view and the service. Flex Mussels in Charlottetown has a great vibe, terrific fresh oysters, wonderful mussels, steaks and ribs too.

          1. Just got back from PEI.

            Did Inn at Bay Fortune - food was top notch. Service didn't really compare to top restaurants elsewhere in the country, but definitely friendly. Only go if you are looking for more of an experience than a hearty meal....

            We also went to the Caridgan Lobster supper. $30 for a lobster, all you can eat chowder, mussels, salad and desert. Really good - sooooo much food.

            Had a nice lunch at Gahan House in Charlottetown. They brew their own beer (yum). Good higher quality pub fare.

            The highlight though was probably buying 10 lbs of mussels straight off the boat ($12), and boiling them up at our cottage.

            1. Dayboat was good the last three summers, so even though there is a new chef the quality should be maintained. The former chef of Dayboat was Gordon Bailey who just opened a new restaurant in Charlottown - Lot 30 --> worth trying as well.

              The lobster suppers are good in the cavendish area as well: New Glasgow Lobster Suppers and St. Anne's. These are basic, mass-produced lobster dinners that are fun to go to with a crowd.

              We love Carr's Oyster Bar in Stanley Bridge for the oysters - awesome oysters that you have to cut with a knife. They have a nightly drink special and sometimes have local music. Call for their schedule 902-886-3355.

              Two good lunch places are Dunes Cafe in Brackley Beach (tel. 902-672-2586). They operate an incredible store full of local crafts. Try to get a reservation or at least put your name down as soon as you get to the place. It's usually very busy.

              Also, Prince Edward Island Preserve Company in New Glasgow has nice sandwiches and salads. They serve tea and breakfast as well.

              Have fun...

              1. My husband and I are major foodies (!) and dine out at least 2 or 3 times per week during the summer. We also are part of a 7 member "dinner club" that gets together at a restaurant 3x during the summer. Let's just say that we enjoy good food! Anyhow, here are my recommendations: At the top of the list - Lot 30 on Kent Street in Charlottetown. It's Gordon Bailey's new restaurant (he used to be head chef at DayBoat until last year) and it is amazing. We are going there again tomorrow night and can't wait to sample whatever is on the menu this week! We used to be huge fans of DayBoat's, but had a very mediocre dining experience there two weeks ago. The quality of the food did not equal the total of the bill - and we do not mind paying for excellent food. Dalvay-by-the-Sea needs to be experienced b/c of it's history and location - and the food is good, too. The Inn at Bay Fortune is excellent, too, but the drive there can be quite a haul - especially if you don't have a designated driver for the return trip! We like Dundee Arms for Sunday brunch and Sirenella's for great pasta dishes (and a very good Italian wine that the owner picks out himself - he is Italian and returns to his home every year). We have also just discovered a relatively new place - The Pearl Cafe - between Rustico and Cavendish. It's small and intimate, but has very good fare! We've given up on Off Broadway b/c it's owned by the same family who owns a few downtown eateries - including Sim's Corner. The food at Off Broadway used to be excellent, but it tastes quite "generic" right now. Flex Mussels is very good and we've had lunch there a few times, but, frankly, the mussels are way overpriced - no matter how little you care about the cost. Nevertheless, a stop there for lunch will delight your tastebuds. And, finally, although it has become a bit over-run with groups of tourists, The Dunes Gallery and Cafe has wonderful, delicious lunches - and desserts that must be eaten! We prefer lunch there, although dinner is also served. Hope this helps!