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Apr 8, 2008 04:04 PM

SEA - 1200 Bistro & Wing Dome - Cap Hill

Hi there, anyone have an idea what's going into the old 1200 Bistro space? How about the old Wing Dome? It's been freshly painted aqua blue with white accents.

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  1. The old wing dome is set to be a new tequila bar by the same people that own Havana.

    1. According to the Weekly, the old wing dome is going to be a tequila bar from the man behind Havana.

      The 1200 bistro space has a liquor lisence up registered to the Blue Heron Group, but I couldn't find any info on who that would be.

      1. I've heard that 1200 bistro was sold to a group who own the bldg it's in ... maybe they plan to tear it down?? anyone know ..

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        1. re: oliveoyl

          I dunno, it would seem odd that they have a liquor license up than?

          1. re: dagoose

            i know ..the whole thing is a mystery. I've heard the staff walked out on the new owners ...

        2. Herein lies the answer to your query (start reading at the 5th paragraph):