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Apr 8, 2008 03:53 PM

Caterer for Downtown Lunches

Anyone know of a caterer based in Orleans Parish (support local businesses!) that does lunch/breakfast pastries/light fare/non-alcoholic beverages that's nice but not super fancy? They would need to deliver to CBD.

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  1. Here's your place: Food Art. They're located on Carondelet St., and deliver to the CBD. Use them regularly at my business.

    1. Call Welty's Deli, 336 Camp St., 592-0223. They delivered breakfast and lunch to our office for 3 days in a row and the food was great. But I'm not sure about the beverages. Breakfast consisted of pastries and cut fruit. Lunches were salads, sandwiches on croissants, pasta salad, cookies. Very good food.