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Apr 8, 2008 03:50 PM

Returning to beantown...

After some time out of town, I am returning and visiting for 2 weeks. Looking for new places to try out...any help?

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  1. Give us some hints: how long did you live here? What neighborhood(s) did you frequent? How long have you been gone? What did you like when you were here? What didn't you like? Where do you live now? Where will you be staying? How will you be getting around? It all helps us help you.

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      Thank you Allstonian. I'm not religious but, "God helps those who help themselves." Give us a rough idea pnk, and demonstrate that you've done some homework. It's hard to help you when you give us absolutely nothing to go on.

    2. jajajaja, sorry...I did not mean to leave it this short...I lost my connection earlier today, while writing this message...I lived there for 5 year...lived around Allston for a while and then the South End. I'll be staying at some friends place around South End...will be having a car but will prefer to take the T...I'm living in PR now, but moving to NYC soon...never quite got to eat out a lot while I lived there...but now I'm trying to get the most out of my visit.

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        A million places in the south end that your friends can probably tell you about. And if you didn't eat out much when you were here, maybe you'll want to go to the Franklin. Or Deluxe or many others. Newer are Union, Rocca, Gaslight, Toro, Picco. Maybe something in Chinatown since I can't imagine there's much good Chinese food in PR. Not sure when you left, you might want to check out something in Kenmore Sq. which has changed dramatically, Eastern Standard, U Burger, Petit Robert Bistro, India Quality (been around forever). North End and Allston have a trillion things, search the board.

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          Like Joanie says, it's not clear how long it's been since you were here. Allston has blossomed as a neighborhood full of interesting restaurants, especially a wide variety of mostly pretty cheap ethnic eats. There's Cafe Brazil, Carlo's Cucina Italiana, Shanghai Gate (Shanghainese), Reef Cafe (Lebanese), New Trend (Cantonese), Gitlo's (Cantonese dim sum), Mount Everest Kitchen (Nepali), Aneka Rasa (Malaysian), Suvarnabhumi Kiri (Thai & Cambodian), S&I (Thai), YoMa (Burmese), Saray (Turkish), two different shabu-shabu restaurants (Shabu Zen and Shabu Shabu Toki), a flock of Korean restaurants (Buk Kyung II, Color, Hanmaru), and several Indian restaurants (Rangoli, Grain & Salt, Punjab Palace) - all within a few blocks of the Harvard Avenue stop on the B line. On top of all those, the food court at the Super 88 Asian Supermarket has Taiwanese, Cantonese, dim sum, Korean, Thai, Indian, and Vietnamese. Some of these places have been around for a while, but a startling number are less than 2 years old.

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            I think I'm ordering the wrong things at s&i because i've had it twice and it was bad. I got buckwheat noodles (brighton ave noodle?) and they had no flavor. I also ordered the shrimp and brocc and there as absolutely no sauce on it. I've heard good things from the chow board - any suggestions on what to order allstonian?

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              MC Slim mentioned my absolute favorite thing there, the one I always order, in another thread - Pad Ga Pow Moo Krob. Crispy pork with peppers in chili / thai basil sauce. YUM!!!!

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                No idea - I haven't been there myself, in large part because apparently I don't actually like Thai food - but several other people on this board have raved about it. Search the board and you'll find a number of comments.

                I listed some other places that I have not personally been thrilled with - New Trend and Aneka Rasa, for example - because others on the board here do like them very much, and because I was throwing out pretty much every place I could think of to demonstrate the wide variety. I grew up in this neighborhood, and it's just mind-boggling to see how many restaurants there are nowadays, and all the different kinds.

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                  I agree about the variety. I just moved here from a place where I had to drive 40 minutes to get Korean food, so you can image how excited I'm am to be in Allston! I checked out old post and it seems that I have to beg the workers to prepare the dishes "Thai" style aka not Americanized. Good to know the in’s at a place I live and work by.

          2. You should definitely check out Oleana in Cambridge.

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              i like toro & orinoco in the south end.
              i live in porter square and like christophers.
              in the north end my favorite is mother ana's & north street grill.
              i like parish cafe alot too (back bay?)