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Apr 8, 2008 03:36 PM

Sea: Locally made artisan cured meats

I'm looking for other local "companies" - besides Salumi - that make and wholesale artisan cured meats.

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  1. This is an old Seattle Weekly article that might help:
    Also, I don't know if they do any wholesale, but Adam Stevenson at Earth & Ocean has a pretty big house made charcuterie program.

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    1. re: MaggieSue

      I recommend Da Pino on Rainier

      Dapino Rogano Sausage
      4225 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA

      1. re: dagrassroots

        I second that recommendation. Try the wild board cotechino or wine-cured salami. Just a warning, Pino typically won't slice the meat, just sells it by the stick or partial stick.

      2. re: MaggieSue

        Earth and Ocean does sell the Charcuterie sliced by the pound, though not wholesale.

      3. Bavarian Meats does wholesale.

        Also Hans' in Burien.

        1. Hans' Sausage Shop in Burien.....classic German sausages....a HUGE variety...made on site...father (native Berliner) & son operation.

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          1. re: staffstuff

            Definitely Pino Rogano. For Eastern European style, Carpatia Sausage House, 1514 NE 177th Street in Shoreline.

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              Stumbled accross Hans' in Burien on the way to Taqueria La Estacion (yum!), also in Burien. What a find - we will be back!

            2. Salumi had a cured meat contest as part of Italia Fest this last fall, and Adam from Earth and Ocean won 3 of the four prizes for pro's. David Wong, owner/chef of Perche No, won for his proscuitto.

              I had some good salami at Sitka and Spruce last weekend. I assumed it was house made, as there were charcuterie books around, but I didn't ask.

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              1. re: zoogrrrl

                What about charcuterie on the eastside? I just learned about Porcella Urban Market only to find they are closing soon.

                By eastside I mean Bellevue to Duvall and Fall City to Monroe.


              2. Not so artisan, but delicious nonetheless, are the triple X hot sausages, house-made, at the Lechi market in East Seattle. At less than six bucks a pound, they are criminal. They have a perfect heat to them, that intensifies when they are cooked. Seek them out.