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Apr 8, 2008 03:05 PM

North Shore Kauai

Hi! We're looking for a great restaurant on/near the north shore of Kauai for our wedding reception. We'll only have 15-20 people. We're mainly looking for great food - location isn't as important and we're probably willing to drive up to 40 mins or so to get there from Hanalei. Any suggestions? thanks!

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  1. I hope they don't zap this off, but you might want to post on as well as here.

    1. try looking into bar acuda in hanalei town. we last ate there in may '07, so i don't have current info, but it was very good and very different from what we've found on kaua'i in the past. here's their website:

      we're on kaua'i now, so we'll give some feedback when we get over to hanalei.

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        when i stayed in hanalei bay i thought the best restaurant was in poipu which is a bit of a drive but worth it. the beach house. sunset, doesn't get much better.

        1. re: woofer

          That seems to be a general consensus on this board, though there have been several posts in the last few years, that paint a good picture of the North Shore Kaua`i. I have had really good breakfasts, and lunches, though have never done dinners up there, so cannot comment. A place named Postcards has gotten a few good recs lately. A "search this board" should yield tons of good advice, if not good restaurants.


          1. re: Bill Hunt

            nothing in hanalei seems to even stay open after 9:30 or so. and for a wedding the setting at the beach house just screams hawaii.

            1. re: woofer

              >>>for a wedding the setting at the beach house just screams hawaii.<<<

              ...and tourists, I'm afraid. Don't know the wedding date for the OP, but I'd really look more carefully at restaurants in the Hanalei area. Poipu is an hour drive, give or take. A new Westin just opened in the area. Also, there are wedding planners available who would have the real scoop on things.

              1. re: Gail

                I can imagine that this would be a tough call. Hanalei is a wonderful little "time-warp" sort of village, but from many posts on this board, that area is a bit lacking in higher-end dining. Poipu, while lovely, is not that quaint, and is probably more like Ka`anapali, than much of Kaua`i. Still, it has some good dinng.

                If it were my wedding, I'd likely have the ceremony in Poipu, then, when all of the guests have headed back to the Mainland, head up to Hanalei with my bride. OTOH, if I had a million points to use at the Princeville Resort, I might just stuff the food and do it all on the North Shore.


                1. re: Bill Hunt

                  It's tough not knowing when OP is getting married. The Princeville Hotel is going into serious construction in Sept., I understand. Yet, the Westin is new. To my surprise, the wedding dinner has changed from my time, I guess. On another board, the bride was looking at ribs and BBQ chicken in the Carmel, CA area. Different strokes, etc... Maybe a Luau type dinner could be easily handled in the North area.

                  1. re: Gail

                    Princevillle is still gorgeous, despite going into reno.

                    I stayed at Westin last week and had an amazing dinner. Seriously, one of the best I have had in a long time....The Westin does not have any meeting space, so accommodating that many people in their restaurant might be difficult. Regardless, check this restaurant out as the setting and the food were both really, really nice...

                    1. re: Mag454

                      Mag, I'm leaving Thurs for "time warp". I understand that the Westin is still under construction which makes lunch a noisy situation. Best to plan on dinner there at least for awhile.

                      Did you happen to try Bar Acuda? Would really appreciate your thoughts on any place in that area, it's been a few years since we've been there.