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Apr 8, 2008 03:02 PM

Anything chowish near Travis AFB?

The last time I visited, about 1.5 years ago, the 'hounds told me to go to Napa for decent food. I did and it was great (Ad Hoc and Cindy's Backstreet), but I'm hoping there's something decent closer to the base or Fairfield, even Vacaville. I'm a complete omnivore, and any type of delicious cuisine will do (Asian, Mexican, seafood, Italian, French, Indian, etc.) A co-worker told me about a winery with a good restaurant, not in Napa, about a half hour from the base, but of course he doesn't remember the name. Come on 'hounds, help a girl out! TIA,and all suggestions are welcomed.

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  1. I know there's a branch of Fenton's Creamery at the Vacaville Outlets. There's only two of them, this one and the original location in Oakland. It's a great soda fountain/ice cream parlor, much like the old chain Farrell's. It's not dinner, but dessert never hurts.

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      Thanks. Dessert is good :-) I'm still hopeful someone will chime in with chow worthy places close to the base. Usually there are some good ethnic places close (Korean or Vietnamese or anywhere military members' spouses might be from).

    2. It's been years since I've been there but there is a place in Vacaville about 15 minutes east of Fairfield called Hisui. It was a Jpanese teppan steak house and had wonderful sushi on boats floating through the restaurant when we were there. Maybe some hounds can tell if it is still as wonderful as when we tried it.

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        Thanks, dimsumgirl! I've about resigned myself to driving to Napa again for dinner most evenings, but I'm still hopeful :-)

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          I'm sorry to say I don't have any recommendations for you - just drove through there tonight so I wish I did! You may get more responses if you post this question on the California board as Travis is a bit far out from what many think of when they think of Bay Area. Good luck!

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            Actually, I did, but it mysteriously morphed over here :-)

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              Oops, sorry about that - I've lived here my whole life and thought Travis area was a bridge too far to be in the Bay Area, but I was wrong! Glad you got some good info!

      2. Fairfield is on-topic for the SF Bay Area board. Here's a link to the spots that chowhounds have entered into the Places database for Fairfield so far.
        Clicking on those names will take you to discussion links for more info.

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          Thanks; very helpful. Gives us options for evenings meetings go late.

        2. Years ago I went to Old Post Office Seafood & Grill and liked it

          There was one response a few years back that it was even better. Reviews on yelp are positive.

          Old Post Office
          301 Main St, Vacaville, CA

          1. My sister lives in Suisun (about a mile from Travis) and I visit often. My favorite BBQ in the world is Coyote Sam's in a strip mall en route. No frills service, I maintain they have the best ribs and brisket in NoCal and love the fact that I can get fried catfish and great greens as well.

            La Cabana on Main Street in Suisun is very, very good Mexican.

            Yo Sushi, at 430 N Texas St, Fairfield,‎ - (707) 425-1100 has some of the best and largest selection of maki and temaki rolls available. I live next to Japantown here in San Francisco and still maintain this small Fairfield establishment is superior to what I can get across the street from my apartment.

            Athenian Grill, 750 Kellogg St, Suisun City,‎ - (707) 425-0500 has decent quality Greek and is right on the water for a pleasant evening.

            Tatsuke Japanese, 3414 Spring St, Suisun City,‎ - (707) 427-1221 is where I would drive for Japanese food when I lived in Napa because the Japanese food in Napa is SO bad.

            Mankas Corners might the wine restaurant which was recommended. It is out-of-the-way and tries a bit hard to be elegant when it doesn't have to be, but has really great food.

            All of these places I mention are in the Travis AFB area -- within a 10 minute drive. Vacaville and Vallejo will be 1/2 hour to 45 minutes as will Napa. Oh yeah, and there is a good Indian in the middle of Fairfield -- I think it is called Taj. Keep in mind that Fairfield (because of the AFB) has a LOT of really great ethnic cuisines worth exploring; Thai, Pho, taquerias, Puerta Rican, etc...

            La Cabana
            325 Main St, Suisun City, CA 94585

            yo sushi
            fairfield, CT

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              Thanks, this is exactly the kind of info that's most helpful to me. Yo Sushi is on my short list!

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                I ended up eating at Yo Sushi twice. The first night three of us (one from OH, and two from San Antonio TX) were happy with the sashimi and I went back alone another night after hitting the gym for the tamaki rolls. We also made it to Ad Hoc for fried chicken on Weds. Thanks, folks!

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                  Glad you liked Yo! When I first discovered them several years ago, I got royally slammed by folks who didn't think there could be such good Maki and Temaki rolls that far east of "The City."