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Apr 8, 2008 02:56 PM

Post Graduation Dinner N Chs Friday Night

Graduation dinner site -- party of 20, assorted ages from 6 to 85, late on a Friday night, some not so adventuresome eaters, drinks helpful -- and graduation won't be over till close to 8:30 or so. Takes place at Coliseum in North Charleston May 2.

Wouldn't need to be one huge table, actually two or four would work too. So what can you Chowhounds suggest? Price range moderate ($15-20 main course). No barbecue. Italian? Steak? Japanese?


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  1. You might try Gennaro's on Dorchester Rd. in North Chuck. It is a really good italian place that a large group would probably feel comfortable at. Pretty standard Italian fare but good food all around.