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Apr 8, 2008 02:52 PM

Charleston: Magnolia and Fig recs

Greetings -

Am going to Charleston tomorrow for a few days. Have lunch res at Magnolia and dinner res at Fig. What's good to order at these two places right now? Don't have a res. for thursday nite yet. Any suggestions to complement/contrast the above mentioned places?


Augusta Chow

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  1. See my recent post about our last visit to Charleston, wherein I analyze our experience at FIG . You can eat very well there, and you can eat rather poorly there, all in the same meal. We do not recommend FIG. Such radical inconsistency at those prices is simply inexcusable. And the atmosphere is plain-jain, unsuited to an upscale restaurant...

    We have had several sublime experiences at both SNOB and Al Di La.

    1. FIG - whatever you do, save roomfor some contorni - brocoli rabe, cauliflower, greens...yum. I loved my Wahoo.

      How about Thursday night at Sienna? a contrast because it's not in downtown. Or yes, Al Di La because it's FAB and Italian, not southern/local/regional.

      1. i love the chicken liver terrine at fig and the vedge plate rocks...the fried chicken and shrimp and grits at mags are pretty darn tasty