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Apr 8, 2008 02:17 PM

Dinner for 2 in Paris @ $80 USD a night?

Ok so my husband and I do not drink...and we have a budget which I am determined to stick too! We love french cuisine... any ideas of wheren we can dine for dinner within my budget of $80 USD for 2, no drinks? We are staying at the Le Meridien Etoile.

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  1. Even without drinking, 25 eur per person for a good dinner is a challenge, esp in the 17th. There's la cave de l'Os a Moelle, fitting your budget. You can have a course at the nearby Gourmet des Ternes (it should be the pavé de boeuf). In your situation, I would head to Chinatown but that's a problem for French food. In some bistronomiques you can have one or two courses rather than 3 -- see La Régalade, Chez l'Ami Jean, Le Pré Verre (particularly affordable), le Baratin, Les cocottes de Christian Constant.

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      Le relais de Venise is near your hotel, it's good and in your budget, but you'll have to wait in line, NY style.

    2. There is one place where you can get three courses for under 25E. Le Bistrot du 7eme, across the street from the LaTour-Maubourg metro station. Perhaps not the quality of Souphie's choices; the dishes are traditional French comfort food. One of the reservation services has their menu listed, but I can't remember which one it is. Always packed, you need to reserve.

      1. these all sound great!! cant wait to try and will let you all know once i return!

        1. If you could stretch it a few more Euro to 30 or 35 per person, it might open up your choices considerably. L'Entredgreu is at the top of a lot of bloggers' lists for affordable Paris bistros, and I think their 3 course menu is 32E. I went recently, and loved the food and the homeyness.

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              Worth a check as well:

              Some reviews are a bit dated, but the bistrots are well described (with photos).