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Apr 8, 2008 02:12 PM

Romantic ocean view w/ a 'wow' effect

I've been looking thru the board the last few days trying to come up with a 'welcome to LA' spot to wow a gentleman friend visiting from DC. He'll be flying in on a Thursday and I'm going to ask him to meet me someplace near the ocean around sunset. Now comes the difficult part -- where to meet! I'd like an environment that is exciting, romantic, even a little dramatic w/ an LA flair. But nothing too intimate (but, please, if you have recommendations I'll take them to use another evening during his stay). Anyway, so far all I can come up with is Casa del Mar. This would be fine if we were simply meeting for cocktails but I'm not crazy about the food there. Btw, we're in our mid-40s and he's a typical washington type, in other words, he's not super casual. Neither am I for that matter, but given I'm a true Angeleno at heart, I have lots of range. ;-) In any event, thanks in advance for any suggestions you have!

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  1. How about Beau Rivage in Malibu or the Lobster in Santa Monica? Cafe Del Rey is also a good place to eat near LAX with a mild romantic vibe, but not a true ocean view, it's a marina view.

    1. the penthouse in the huntley hotel has a gorgeous view and packs a least I think it does!

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          i'd get drinks at the huntley, then head across to the lobster for dinner!

        2. why not go the whole 9 yards at meet at geoffrey's or sunset restaurant. if wanting a little more casual how about paradise cove cafe

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                  Divine view and food, worth the drive even if you have to take a taxi. Also wait staff and Maitre D are soooooooo nice.

              1. if he is flying in on a thursday and this is dinner thursday, then geoffrey's is not your is a twenty or thirty mile drive up the coast...neither is beau rivage...he will feel like he is driving to san francisco or something...i would say consider capo, the outside patio at michael's, ivy at the shore on ocean, catch at casa del mar, chinois on main, chaya venice, maybe piccolo...all very LA places near the beach and fun things to see if you walk around...i have never had a good meal at the lobster but that is not a crazy suggestion either...