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Apr 8, 2008 02:08 PM

Frozen Custard on Third

Binny Loco is a brand new frozen custard place on Third Street, just west of Vermont on the north side of the street.

By brand new, I mean they open today at 3:00, but I stopped in after lunch (I've been eyeing the place) and they were nice enough to give me some samples. They have two custards - vanilla and dulce de leche. Both were very good in an area without a huge amount of frozen dessert options. It will be a great place to catch a custard after a meal at La Morenita or El Palmar, both of which are just a block away.

They are set up to do liquados, lots of toppings and other custard-based desserts, but I'm guessing I'll stick to the plain custard, because it was quite good and frozen custard is just very hard to find in LA.

I'll check back later this week, try some of their other offerings, and give a full report.

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  1. Wow, thanks for the heads up. When you check back can you say whether they serve it soft-serve style which looks and taste like Cool Whip like in Buffalo, NY.

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      It's definitely soft-serve. Never had it in Buffalo so can't compare...but tasted better than Cool Whip to me.

    2. I went back today for a more thorough examination. The place is new and still in flux, but they have lots of mix-ins and liquados made with custard. I had a mango liquado which was made with custard, ice and mango syrup. It was pretty decent, but I preferred the plain custard.

      A longer review can be found here:

      1. Three of us went yesterday afternoon. We ordered two small frozen vanilla custards and a mango drink on ice. We all agreed that the “custard” was very creamy, rich and ultra smooth. The smoothness reminded each of us of the ice cream at Strickland’s Ice Cream in Irvine and the product sold at that place in the Beverly Center which I think is called “Silky Smooth Ultra Premium Ice Cream,” or something like that. The vanilla flavor was very good also but I think the product has more density than other “frozen custards” that I have tried. IMO this seemed more like a frozen yogurt blended with some good soft-serve ice cream. I also did the “hold the cup upside down test” and it defied gravity as a frozen custard should. We all liked this soft-serve frozen custard and will keep the place in mind when needing a frozen treat when in the area.

        We all tasted the mango drink and, in the end, none of us really liked it. We all thought that upon first sipping it there seem to be a chemical flavor. My son said it tasted like Pine-Sol. I thought he was over reacting and at first I liked it because I thought it had a nice mango finish. After several more sips during our drive home I agreed with him that it was not refreshing as a mango drink should be. Between the three of us we only drank about 1/3 of it.

        Maybe none of these first impressions really matter because this place is so new that adjustments will be made. Still, their “frozen custard” is a high quality frozen treat. My thanks (again) to sku for a good post.

          1. Well we gave Loco a try today. tasty, but not frozen custard. Rather it is custard flavored soft serve like the independent Foster's Freeze type mom and pop's used to sell. If in the neighborhood would get again, but not really frozen custard.