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Apr 8, 2008 02:08 PM

Cuban food in Fairfield or Westchester

Is there if so, have you been, what have your ordered and it is CLEAN, thanks

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  1. Latin American Cafe in White Plains. Love the garlicky pork, and the black beans. Everything is good there imo

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    1. re: janjan9

      We've been eating here for years -- most frequently ropa vieja, fricasee de pollo, pollo fra diablo, with occasional forays to other dishes. They also have daily specials and do some dishes "Canary Island style." Main dishes come with either soup or salad -- soups are hearty and salad has been improving. They are not a dive.

      1. re: Westjanie

        I second that. It's clean, good food, and inexpensive. Especially great for lunch.

    2. Amigos Deli & Carneceria in Danbury, CT has delicious Cuban sandwiches & other hot goodies.

      1. Islas in Fairfield is considered "latin fusion", and at least some of their menu is Cuban. I particularly like the monkfish as well as the steak. Fantastic mojitos.