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Apr 8, 2008 01:41 PM

Visiting NC State University

We are taking my daughter to visit NC State University and would like recommendations for good eats in the area near the University.

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  1. we were just up there this weekend visiting daughter....for inexpensive Lebanese try Neomonde. It's called a bakery but they have great lunch buffet-type deal - you pick food.
    Be sure and save room for a couple of Loco Pops from their shop on Hillsborough. For a nicer lunch/dinner go to Cafe Luna downtown.
    P.S. Our daughter really likes State

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      Porter's on Hillsborough Street is a favorite. Mitch's Tavern, also on Hills, had a Bull Durham scene filmed in it. Baja Burrito in Mission Valley shopping center is good too. Tripps is a small chain and they have a place near Whole Foods on Wade Avenue. Neomonde was already mentioned and is also good.

    2. If you are looking for fine dining one night, I definitely recommend Frazier's. It's right on Hillsborough St across from campus, and actually delicious. ((Reservations a good idea). Their more casual sister restaurant next door, Porter's, is also pretty good. (Unfortunately the menu on the website is alternately inaccessible and incorrect, but there are many reviews on this board, if you do a search).

      The Glenwood South district is near NC State - several restaurants and bars. I always have a good meal at 518 West - reasonably priced, nice atmosphere, Italian-influenced menu.

      1. You also have Char-Grill near the campus and the Roast Grill.

        1. Good eats.

          If you like hot dogs, there is only one place: Roast Grill. It's on West Street between Hillsborough and Morgan. Great great great lunch place.

          All they have is hot dogs, just hot dogs. Oh well, they have home made pound cake and baklava for dessert, but other than that.