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Apr 8, 2008 01:07 PM

Radnor Recs

We'll be spending a couple of days in Radnor, Pa. Any dinner recommendations ?

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  1. Fleming's for steak and wine
    Pond for Mediteranean
    333 Belrose for American
    Nectar in Berwyn for Pan Asian
    Susanna Foo for Chinese

    None of these places are cheap, you'll have to check with someone else for inexpensive options. My office is in Radnor and we hit these places regularly for biz dinners. Let me know if you need more info. Fleming's and Foo are across the street from the Radnor Hotel.

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    1. re: mddletown

      I appreciate the help. We're staying at the Radnor.

      1. re: BCjr

        Glemorgan in the Radnor hotel is a great lunch spot. Try the lobster roll with sweet potato fries. For dinner on a weekend the atmosphere isn't so good but at lunch time during the week that place is booming and the food is great.

    2. I'd scratch Susanna Foo in favor of Margaret Kuo's any day. Teresa's Cafe on North Wayne just expanded and I've always liked their food for casual dining.

      1. If you have a car, two byob options in the area... sola restaurant in Bryn Mawr and alba in Malvern. Both feature creative modern cuisine with attention to local products and the season. alba leans more toward italian while sola leans more toward french. Both restaurants have great stemware and proper glasses as well as decantors.

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          1. Try Lourdas in Bryn Mawr (no credit cards)

            Margaret Kuo's Mandarin Restaurant in Wayne and Yang Ming in Bryn Mawr are also good choices for Chinese food.