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Apr 8, 2008 12:20 PM

good place for lunch for group of 10 in Federal Hill area?

Looking to host a bridesmaids luncheon for 10 people on a Friday somewhere in the Federal Hill area or midtown Baltimore. Private room would be great but not a must. Any suggestions??

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  1. Ryleighs has good food & you could be seated upstairs, so it would kind of seem like a private area?

    Pazza Luna in Locust Point has great italian, and again - could be seated upstairs?

    Mad River has good lunch food, but no private room. They are typically not very busy during lunch.

    Nick's Fish House is on the water, and has a private room.

    Pazza Luna
    1401 E.Clement Street, Baltimore, MD 21230

    Ryleighs Brew Pub
    36 E Cross Street, Baltimore, MD 21230

    Mad River Bar & Grill
    1110 S Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21230

    Nicks Fish House
    2600 Insulator Dr # 1, Baltimore, MD

    1. Is Crazy Lil's open for lunch? I went with a group of people there for dinner and we enjoyed it. Upstairs feels like a private room.

      1. Matsuri might be able to give you the upstairs.

        1. The atmosphere at Wine Market may be best suited for a bridesmaids' luncheon. There isn't a private room as far as I know, but if it's a nice sunny day you could sit outside? I've seen big parties being served in there before. Nick's could be a good bet too.

          Porters on Riverside and Cross could be worth checking out as well.

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            The food at Porter's just isn't very good, IMO. It's a great place to drink and watch the Os lose (or win, as the case may be -- what's up with that?).

            1. re: JonParker

              Agree 100%. Even with the amazement at the performance of the local 9.

              I would also note that places like Ryleigh's and Mad River, may have "good" food, but its all relative. Of the places mentioned, Matsuri for sushi would seem to be your best bet to find hound-worthy food in Federal Hill.

              What about the Cross Street Market?

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              I second the vote for the Wine Market. Lots of yummy small and large plates and a great affordable wine list. They do a nice happy hour but I'm not sure if it's available on Friday.
              What about another tapas places, like Pazo?

            3. Federal Hill doesn't have a lot of places with private rooms. We're having our reheasal dinner at McCormick and Schmick's in the harbor. The Wine Market is great, but no private room. I had my bachelorette party at Oceanaire last Sat and we had a private room. The food is great there too. You may also want to try Pazo or Cinghiale. Good Luck!!

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                What kind of drinks did they serve at Oceanaire?