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Jun 25, 2002 09:28 PM

Rays (the underwater kind)

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Korean sting ray is fine, but it's usually in bits. A Greek place I used to go to in chicago would serve ray (i don't think it was sting or manta, but I don't know) and you got the whole thing on your plate. Eat the top, flip it over, eat the bottom. anyone know an LA spot that can satisfy this need for whole rays?

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  1. And while we are at it: the difference (if any) between ray and skate and where skate can be had. (We can skip the Ice Capades jokes.)

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      john gonzales

      I think what is almost always eaten is skate, and usually just the wings. It is also called ray, and is just one type of ray. The classic prep is sauteed with beurre noir. Seems to be very popular these days. On consecutive nights it was on the menues at La Toque and Auberge. (I wonder if these places "copy" each other). I've also had it fried ala calamari.
      Skate seems to be more popular/available in cool weather.

      1. re: john gonzales

        Yes, you're right about skate wings being the most common serving, used in soups etc.. After having the entire ray served to you though, you will definitely want the whole thing in the future. The Greek place I used to go to grilled it in a very light butter and olive oil sauce. Anyone ever seen the whole ray served in LA?

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          Saw the reference to skate "sauteed w/butter" etc. - which is not really correct. The skate is poached in a court-bouillon (water w/ white wine and/or lemon, herbs and stuff - lots of recipes out there) and then kept warm while you whisk some butter into a hot pan. When the butter starts to brown, stir in a bit of the poaching liquid and some capers, stir that around, then pour it over the fish and serve.

          Fish King in Glendale gets it in now and then, and since I gave them my name and number they call me to let me know. It's not expensive, as fish go. Cheaper yet at Asian markets, if maybe not quite so fresh, but I know that San Gabriel Superstore has it all the time. At Fish King it's very carefully cleaned and skinned - the SGS stuff not quite so...