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Jun 25, 2002 09:07 PM

Indo in LA?

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Please, I need suggestions for good Indonesian food in LA, pref West side or at least non-Valley.


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  1. There's a place at National and Rose in Palms, next to the home of the Pregnant Burrito. It's right where National curves east of Overland.

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    1. re: PRSMDave

      indo cafe is the name if i'm not mistaken.

      1. re: PRSMDave

        The name is the Indo Cafe. I'm not sure how traditional the food is, but it is consistently good and the people who run it are always pleasant. I recommend it.

      2. Ramayani Westwood. I can't remember the exact address.
        It is located near Chevron gas station, between UCLA and 405.

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        1. re: ed

          This was the singularly worst meal that I ate last month - one dish that came with a tomato sauce was truly just tomato ketchup poured over it. We ordered a variety of dishes at lunch and they all ranged from awful to bland. Wouldn't go back (this was my second try at the place on the off chance that the first try the chef had the stomach ache).

        2. LA Times on Sunday suggested a place I don't know SO I CAN'T RECOMMEND IT. But it is on the West Side, has rijstaafel and might be good, who knows?

          Banyan Restaurant, 1140 Highland Ave., Manhattan Beach; (310) 545-9558.

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            The Banyan tree in Manhattan Beach is now up to 3 locations one in Redondo on PCH South of Torrance Blvd., one at the Manhattan Beach/El Segundo shopping area next to or really near Bristol Farms (but within the same plaza)on Rosecrans, the third is on Highland. I only have been to the one on Highland which I really enjoy.