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Apr 8, 2008 11:27 AM

Butcher/Fish monger in Charlotte

I just saw a post about finding a butcher in Atlanta and thought to myself - Do I know a butcher in Charlotte? The sad answer is no, I don't. Do you? And while we're on that - Where is the best place to get some fish? (Please don't say Harris Teeter, please don't say Harris teeter...)


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  1. This comes up in Charlotte all the time. There are very few "butchers" and seafood stores. The oft-repeated economic answer is that the little guys can't compete with the purchasing power, low prices, and real estate domination of the grocery store chains.

    The only butchers I know of are Mexican - you see signs for them all around (la carnicerias) and there is one near Waxhaw but I don't remember the name. Someone here will chime in with that.

    As far as seafood, there is a seafood shop on Beatties Ford Road (West End Seafood) but it is not that good. There is Inner Harbor off Central, but also not very good. There used to be one off Kilborne & Central called Dockside, but not sure if it is there anymore. There are small ones scattered around the East side, but I have not tried many of them.

    Otherwise I suggest Earth Fare...

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      The Waxhaw butcher shop is "What's Your Beef". I have been satified with Earth Fare and thier offerings. The butchers there seem to be knowledgable.

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        I'm a big fan of What's Your Beef butcher in Waxhaw. it's on Providence Rd. in a small strip mall on your left about a mile or two before you get to downtown Waxhaw. Vic will take good care of you. And if he doesn't have it, he'll order it. He's a small operation trying to grow this new business (about 1 yr old). Marino's Pizza is in the same strip mall and has fabulous Philly pizza and hoagies.

    2. For quality meats, go to Reid's downtown. The selection isn't mind-blowing, but it's solid, and the meat is cut well. For seafood, go to Overseas Food Market on South Blvd. It's an Asian food store with a decent selection of seafood.

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        How is the quality of seafood at Overseas? I too am looking for a good place to buy fresh seafood, and the selections at the Teet are generally pretty pitiful looking.

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          The quality at Overseas is good overall. Reid's has some quality seafood as well, but you may want to call ahead to see what they have available.

      2. Fresh Market is pretty good. There's one in Pineville and one at Strawberry Hills. Also, Dean & Deluca but you might want to open an equity line before going there. Finally, the place you don't want mentioned has a dry aging service now at there location at SouthPark.

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          does the southpark HT offer prime to dry age? I don't think so as I believe Reid's is the only retail meat mkt in CLT that offers prime. I would not spend the $ to dry age select or choice, although having someone dry age beef for me does does have its appeal.

          1. re: Tee

            The Taj McTeeter does dry age beef. You can get some great buys in the AM. They will some times mark down dry aged beef if it is close to the expiration date. To take some steaks home and grill them that evening works out perfectly.

            1. re: GodfatherofLunch

              The key question is do they offer Prime grade beef dry aged. If you don't start with Prime grade meat... the dry aging is a waste of money.

        2. I can vouch for Earth fare - they carry some interesting stuff, normally. I've been meaning to get to the Matthews Meat Emporium, but their hours are pretty lean (with a side of pun!)

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            I went by Matthews Meat Emporium on Friday and the shelves were pretty bare. The owner told me that they are closing their doors to the public.