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Apr 8, 2008 11:22 AM

Best Farmers markets in L.A.

every weekend i go down to the farmers market in montrose but I wanna find a bigger and better market within the L.A. area because i feel the produce in montrose could be better what opinions do you guys have on the best market around i heard santa monica was good but i wanna hear it form you guys.thanks :D

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  1. Hands down the very best Farmers Market is Wed. Santa Monica - it's when all the chefs come to shop. Promenade area.

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    1. re: Glory25

      I've seen restaurant folk go to the Hollywood Farmer's Market, but you're right that the Wednesday market is the biggie.

    2. Wendesday on Arizona and Third in Santa Monica is nice and big The Hollywood one on Sundays is good.

      I also like Encino and Studio City on Sunday, and Arizona and third on Santa Monica on Sundays (though it's smaller than Wednesday!)

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      1. re: Diana

        great! ill totally go to the santa monica one over my spring break next week are their any other noteable markets around?

        1. re: ChefPapaloma

          The Hollywood Market on Sundays is also well attended (and as with all markets, the more crowded the better as the vendors bring stock to meet the demand).

        2. re: Diana

          The Promenade one is actually on Saturday. The Sunday Santa Monica market is on Main Street and it's a lot more prepared foods than produce.

        3. Preeeeeeetty much anything's bigger than Montrose, to be honest. Studio City, Encino, even Calabasas. The biggies, though, are Santa Monica Wednesday downtown, Hollywood Sunday and Santa Monica Saturday downtown, in that order.

          1. I like the Santa Monica markets, though its too far for me to go regularly and in the back of my mind I'm always a little anxious that some geezer's gonna plow me down with his car.

            Studio City and South Pasadena have pretty good ones too.


            1. nobody's got the combination of quality and selection that wednesday santa monica has. but there are lots of other goodmarkets. sunday hollywood, saturday pasadena (victory park), sunday beverly Hills, saturday torrance, sunday encino. you'll find good stuff at all of them.