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Apr 8, 2008 11:21 AM

51 Wonderful flavors......

My all-time favorite Baskin Robbins ice cream was jamoca almond fudge. It was a tough decision, picking out which flavor to get in your sugar cone or cup, but that was my fave.

Which flavor did you favor?

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  1. Jamoca almond fudge is definitely one of the best but I prefer their regular chocolate chip ice cream. The vanilla is smooth, creamy and rich and the chocolate chips are just the right size and have just the right amount of flavour.

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      1. re: Heidi Ho

        I love the Mint chocolate chip the best!

    1. peanut butter chocolate, hands down :) favorite memories of sitting in one of those middle-school type seats and the smell of baskin robbins with the old school logo...oh i loved my childhood :)

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      1. re: stacyface

        Yeah Stacey face, ice cream was a good reson to get out of school and play hookie!

      2. It's a tie between mint chocolate chip and chocolate 'n peanut butter. I think BR has the best versions of both! The little dark chocolate flakes that permeate the bright green minty ice cream create the perfect combo of chocolate-mint flavor in each bite. And the deep chocolate-y ice cream with generous chunks of peanut butter throughout the scoop is always delicious, too! I love dollar scoop Tuesdays!

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        1. re: trishyb

          I agree that the mint chocolate chip is one of the best. It feels so refreshing.

          1. re: trishyb

            Oh yeah, mint choclate chip was great too!!!!

          2. Where does the "51" come from? When I was growing up and working there as my first job, Baskin Robbins was often known as "31 Flavors." Their schtick was that they had 31 flavors available at any particular time, and way back then they had already created 131 if I remember correctly that they could choose from.

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            1. re: nosh

              You know, Nosh, I am not sure...I thought it was 51 flavors...Oh boy! Somebody call Baskin robbins to clarify!!!!!

              1. re: Heidi Ho

                It's 31 - one flavor for each day of the month...

                1. re: deibu

                  The limitation is how many big 3-gallon cartons of ice cream you can serve from the cooler in the space of a small store. You can only do two rows or the counter gets way too deep. The transparent covers need to slide or lift, and can only be so wide. So the industry standard are 6 by 2 containers per unit. And then space in between for cash registers and work surfaces. 31 flavors, with vanilla and chocolate not counting or doubled up, and we served way back then a french vanilla and dutch chocolate that were premium and slightly higher-priced and probably didn't count in the 31.

                  By the way, single cones were 18 cents and a double-scoop was 30 cents. Milkshake or sundae was 50 cents. I earned $1.15 per hour to start, with all the free ice cream I wanted.

              2. pralines and cream. i wish there was one nearby....