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Apr 8, 2008 11:05 AM

Asian bakeries with steamed buns / bao zi?

Any suggestions for any Asian bakeries out there that have freshly steamed bao zi (filled with pork or red bean or wahtever) that aren't the frozen/premade ones in a lot of those Asian markets?

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  1. I have enjoyed the steamed buns at Tâm Deli, althought they aren't what typically brings me back. They have a good, fluffy consitency, but I personally don't love the pork/egg filling so I tend to pick around it. Other people I've brought have enjoyed it.

    1. Thanh Ni was a great surprise - although they aren't steamed to order, they are good, as are the ones at Tam Deli. At Thanh Ni, though, they are more like the chicken bao I miss - with discernable egg and sausage chunks in addition to the herby chicken...