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Apr 8, 2008 10:32 AM

Good Sushi on a Budget below 14th?

Is my quest possible?

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  1. What is your budget?

    You can easily get some very good nigiri on a budget of, say $30-50 but it's not going to be very stomach-filling. Kanoyama and Ushiwakamaru both offer high quality nigiri sets but you may not be satisfied after eating one, unless it's Ushi's 15 pieces for $50 deal.

    1. I like Takahachi on Ave. A

      1. Ashiya on 1st has an AYCE special for $24.95 and an AYCE/AYCDrink special for $29.99 not including tax & tip.

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          i found the sushi at ashiya to be underwhelming

        2. Sushi On Hudson has very good, fresh fish. I have never eaten in the restaurant, but I get delivery from it all the time, and the price is among the lowest anywhere. I usually have the sashimi deluxe which has about 20 pieces for $14.95 including rice and soup or salad.