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Apr 8, 2008 10:14 AM

Best BBQ in the city

Going into the city next weekend. Who has the best? Blue Smoke, RUB or Hill Country?
Any other ideas would be appreciated. Tried Rack and Soul so looking for some place other than that.

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    1. Hill Country is very good--better than Blue Smoke for sure. Haven't been to RUB or Daisy May's, which from what I've read is also worth a try.

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      1. re: Lucia

        I agree with Hill Country being better than Blue Smoke. Blue Smoke might have slightly better sides though and definitely a better beer list.

        RUB is also very good, but I think Daisy May's is the best in the city.

      2. The thing is that each place offers a different experience, which you should consider in your decision. I think Hill Country is best, but it also is quirky, in that it replicates the actual "hill country" places in central Texas (Lockhart, Llano, etc): it's the wood-plank decor, and you mosey up to a line to order your meats by the pound (or part thereof), as in "please gimme a beef rib, a pork rib, and three slices of that moist brisket!" It is served in red butcher paper. You go to another line for sides. You then go to the wood tables. Order tea in a mason jar. Etc. But the food is very good. Now Blue Smoke is least favorite for me, but has an upscale NYC bar atmosphere. Dinosaur, way uptown, is a mega-wood decor like Hill Country, but regular ordering from the waitress, as in "please gimme that there three meat combo plate!" Also very good. Daisy May is primarily a take out place, with just a few tables now; not a place for "dining," but the food's very good too.

        1. Just went back to Hill Country-prime rib, jalapeno sausages, blue bell ice cream and a big red soda-outstanding-just like being in Lockhart, TX. Daisy May's bowl o red chili is equally outstanding. Dinosaur and Blue Smoke are also good, RUB is OK.

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          1. re: guttergourmet

            Daisy May's is hit or miss I've found - we order from there frequently and the ribs are sometimes great, sometimes not. Dinosaur BBQ is fabulous (Big Ass Pork Plate? Come ON!). Hill Country is next on my BBQ to-try list!

          2. So, I'm replying to this since I'm not sure if 'in the city' means Manhattan only or includes the boroughs as well since these are technically part of the city. Anyways, my two cents go to the Smoke Joint in Fort Greene Brooklyn. Great BBQ, familiar service, cheap beer, relatively low prices, unassuming atmosphere. Pretty much what real BBQ is supposed to be. At least as close as I've come since moving to the city 5 years ago. Not really trying to be anything it's not.

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            1. re: urbancowgirl

              Hill Country (had a pulled pork sandwich at RUB.....dry & boring. Forget it).

              1. re: urbancowgirl

                I don't think the smoke joint is anywhere near as good as Hill Country or Daisy May. I live nearby and have had many bad meals. Dry meat, poor saucing etc. They are very nice people though. I would definitely go to Hill Country of the ones you mention (haven't been to RUB), its way ahead of Blue Smoke. The one time I ate at Daisy May's was great, but I prefer the texas style @ Hill Country (smoked meat, no sauce) to the other styles. It also tastes like they start with a higher quality raw product. It is also the most expensive. I also like the disneyfied interior.

                1. re: brooklyndude

                  I've only been to RUB.
                  It was very good.
                  We wre lucky when we went early Sarturday evening as it was extremely busy later on.