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Quiznos just jacked up prices and reduced sizes

No longer can you get a "regular" sized sandwich for $8.00. Now they only have 6" and 12" The 6" is $8.00 but its the size of the old "small"

I'm oficially finished with Quiznos.

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  1. Yes they also quietly last year downsized their large prime rib sandwich from 12 oz to 10 oz and hoping nobody would notice. I only eat there with a coupon and then only when I am desperate.

    1. They were expensive before, for not a lot of food....

      1. A preponderance of Quizno's stores have been marginally profitable, or not at all, in recent years, because food costs had crept up to 40% of sales. Store owners are required to buy food commodities from corporately-owned suppliers, but that is a separate story. The target rate for food cost is 29%, so this is an effort, on paper, at least, to salvage profitability. Customer acceptance can only be negative; the question is to what degree.

        1. I haven't been in Quiznos lately, and the last couple times it was to try the Sammies, but if it's true that 6" of sandwich are going for $8, I'll be looking for other sandwich options. I can get a footlong at our local Planet Sub for less than that, and it's better bread and a better sandwich. It's on the other side of town, however, so I'll probably burn any savings in the trip over and back.

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            Just make your own sandwiches. Better for 1/3 the cost...

          2. I think the Quizno's near me lasted less than a year...

            1. At the very same time, Subway is running a promotion for footlong subs at $5. (Not that I'm in any way endorsing Subway -- the bread is spongy, the meats are those glued-together portion-controlled slabs, the vegie toppings aren't bad so long as you reject the squirted mayo and mustard.)

              Fortunately, here in SoCal we have the remainders of a much better chain -- Togo's. Better still, you can get a large Godmother or meatball sub at Bay Cities Deli for less than that Quizno's price.

              1. I was in my local quizno's, and they've still got all three sizes. Regular roast beast is still $7.99, and the other specialty regulars are still just shy of $6. Smalls are the same price/size as well.

                I'm in the FL Panhandle, and that Quizno's probably has fairly low overhead costs.

                1. After I first tried quizno's about 5 years ago I was a fan. This isn't the first time things have shrunk for them. Their bread used to be wider and the regular would fill me up. The large was a ridiculous amount of food. Now I don't have much need for their food though I still enjoy the flavor. Just not the deal it used to be.

                  1. I had a Quiznos large Italian sub tonight...$7.99. It was huge...so much meat I could hardly get my mouth around it. I felt my money was well spent. The prices haven't gone up here...yet.

                    1. Oh well, for me no great loss. As much as Quizno's always had sandwiches that caught my eye that I was interested in trying, the few times I did I was soon spending not-so-quality time in the bathroom shortly afterwards. I don't go near them anymore.

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                        I agree with you I enjoyed there sandwhiches I thought they were plentyful but 5 minutes after I ate it I was on the bowl. And then again shortly their after.....

                      2. you've gotta love those 2 sammie things for 2 dollars.

                        Have you seen the size of those things? What a joke- I could eat 8 and not be close to filled. I used to love quiznos, but agree with many of you hear- big let down.

                        1. So are the 6" and 12" really 6" and 12"? Or are they more like 5" and 10.5"?

                          With bread and fuel prices skyrocketing, this will probably be a race to the bottom in the sandwich franchise market. I predict their next move will be a Wish Sandwich where you get two slices of bread and you wish it had something in between. All for the price of a small!

                          1. Quizno's is ok, but I aint paying $8.00 for any Sandwich!. Subway Has OK...Barely food...

                            Grinder Haven use to be good..until they sold to new owners.

                            So..I just make my own! Thats what a deli is for.

                            1. This Sunday our Quizno's had coupons for buy one sandwich of any size and get another one free.
                              I may eat Quizno's this week.

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                                I saw on TV.. or maybe it was the web somewhere.. now they're advertising that their sandwiches are $5 or less, and bigger to boot. Following Subway's lead, perhaps?

                              2. The quiznos's experience can be summarized as follows:

                                1. astronomical menu price
                                2. brought back down by $2 or $3 off coupon
                                3. good gastronomical experience while food is going down (toasty!)
                                4. hasty retreat to bathroom afterwards

                                5. download more coupons and repeat the experience.