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Apr 8, 2008 09:43 AM

Corkage Restaurants?

I am looking for a high end restaurant to dine in and bring my own wine. I know the laws, policies and etiquette etc, but I would love examples of places that allowed guests to bring in their own wine. It is wine that I have made and I know it wont be on anyone's list.
Any help would be great!

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  1. I asked about this last week, without a huge amount of new success:

    Sweet Basil in Needham may be your best bet. Just not a lot of mid-scale or upscale places that do it here.

    1. Though I haven't tried it since 2003, East Coast Grill in Cambridge allowed it then for something like $15 - they might have required ("suggested") a purchase off their list too. Sorry I can't remember it more clearly! I think I also called ahead to ask.

      1. The general rule is if they do not carry the brand or have the vintage, they'll allow it to be brought in. First, I'd select the restaurant then call to see if they'll allow it and find out the corkage fee.

        1. Ummm. When you say you know the laws, then you know corkage is illegal. Perhaps there are some high-end restaurants which allow it, but does one think that they would wish to be publicly outed?

          1. In Boston, the law is that corkage/BYOB is only permitted in establishments that do NOT have a liquor license.

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              No, in Boston BYOB is illegal, whether or not the restaurant has a liquor license.

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                  The state does not prohibit BYOB at restaurants that don't hold a license. However, the state allows local governments to prohibit it. Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, and most nearby towns prohibit BYOB at all establishments. Winthrop, Belmont, and Needham do allow BYOB at restaurants that don't hold a license.

                  1. re: smcbride3

                    In MASSACHUSETTS the law is that corkage/BYOB is only permitted in establishments that do not have a liquor license.

                    In BOSTON that law is superseded by a local law that forbids BYOB completely (apparently with the interim exception that MC Slim JB mentions below.)

                  2. re: Allstonian

                    Oh, and my favorite part of that article is the upper limit per person in "North Carolina it’s eight liters per customer"